Christian Mickelsen Rapid Results Coaching Academy

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Christian Mickelsen: Rapid Results Coaching Academy


How to Turn The Growth Of Your Business Into A Movement

With this audio program, you will discover how to.

Generate “buzz” for your coaching business as your work is no longer just about getting clients, it becomes a “movement”
Create a far more rewarding business. You’ll enjoy it more because you’ll get more emails, phone calls, and notes of adoration because you’ll be making a bigger difference to a lot more people
Dramatically increase your confidence and ability to make a measurable difference in your clients’ lives on a much more consistent basis

Confident Coach:
Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Coach, To Get More Clients, Help Them Better, & Make More Money

In this powerful 2-part audio program you will discover:
Understand what confidence is, where it comes from, and what extreme confidence can do for your coaching business
Finally get over the “need to be perfect” to be a coach (rich, married, thin, and no problems at all – is an unreasonable standard we coaches tend to measure ourselves by)

Marketing Materials Masterclass:
How To Write Highly Effective Marketing Copy For Your Website, Sales Letters, & Marketing Materials

In this special 3-part training, you’ll discover:
Which marketing materials to write (and which ones to skip)
How to create high converting “opt-in” pages that get people to take immediate action
The three different types of copy that coaches should master (use ‘this’ order to keep from spinning your wheels and getting nowhere)

Best-Selling Book In Less Than A Day

In this program, you’ll learn:
How I wrote my book in 3 hours and made it a #1 best-seller (this works even if you don’t enjoy writing)
My personal system for writing and successfully promoting a book, and getting the authority and credibility that only being a “#1 best-selling author” can give you
How to make your book a Kindle and Amazon bestseller


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