Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance

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Christie Marie Sheldon – Unlimited Abundance

Modules 1 through 10    [14 MP4 + MP3, 10 Handouts – PDF]

Modules 11 through 15   [5  MP3, 5 Handouts – PDF]

Modules 16 through 20  [5 MP3s, 5 PDFs]

Modules 21 through 25  [5 MP3, 4 Handouts – PDF]

Ride the wave of awakening and break free from the 25 Abundance Blocks holding you back with the Unlimited Abundance home training program.

A message from Christie Marie Sheldon:

Many say 2012 is the year of a global spiritual awakening. With this in mind, I have three questions to ask you about your future in the new year and beyond. Questions so crucial, they could turn your life around in the coming weeks, months and years.

So take a moment to breathe in, and clear your mind. Now just nod your head if any of these questions resonate with you…
Do you believe your wealth and abundance are directly related to your state of mind and consciousness?
If yes, what if there was a process to enhance your state of mind and consciousness, so from 2012 onwards you could improve your ability to attract wealth? Would this interest you?
And if you knew this process only took a few sessions of practice, but would benefit you for the rest of your life… would you make the time for it?

If you said YES to all these questions, I have an invitation for you.

Last June, an intimate group of 400 people joined me on a 3-month online coaching call program called the Unlimited Abundance Program.

During the weekly calls, I used my gifts to work with every participant’s energetic frequency. I dived deep into their minds, and removed 25 hidden subconscious barriers – or as I call them, Abundance Blocks – that were silently sabotaging their ability to attract wealth. Blocks like “I don’t really deserve to be rich“, or “Wealthy people are bad” (I’ll show you a full list of these Blocks further down below, and some of them will surprise you!).

The results of this program were life-changing–but it was only available for a small group, and I got thousands of requests from people who couldn’t take part or couldn’t afford the $999 ticket price. Which is why now, for the first time ever, I’ve decided to make this content public–just in time for the new year.