Clive Westwood – Virtual gastric band Hypnosis Mp3

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Clive Westwood – Virtual gastric band Hypnosis Mp3

About Clive Westwood

Clive Westwood is one of Australia’s respected, leading Hypnotherapy Specialists, focusing on one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions, group hypnosis, and downloadable hypnotherapy mp3 sessions. Clive has studied under the greatest hypnotherapists in the world, and has made appearances Today Tonight, 2GB Radio, 9 News and ABC Morning Radio.

Clive has been in self-development and using hypnosis for over 10 years. As a youth, he suffered tremendously from social anxiety, which resulted in a quest for relief from a debilitating fear of “everyone and everything”. Because Clive found hypnosis to be the most powerful method of treatment for himself, he quickly sought the best teachers and became an expert hypnotist.

Clive has been trained in Advanced Evidence-based Hypnotherapy, a modality that has been thoroughly studied and tested. He insists on only using methods and techniques that have been proven effective by himself and other leading hypnotherapists.
Clive Westwood Hypnotherapy
85 Sydenham Rd Norwood, SA 5067 Tel: 0450 413 918

A Guide to Some Suggestions Used

Virtual gastric band

I want you to imagine now that you are in a hospital bed

This hospital bed is comfortable and relaxing for you

There are the best doctors in the world around you
They are preparing you for your gastric band surgery
You are happy and excited about this gastric band surgery
As you know you are in excellent care
The best care in the world
The doctors tell you that this is a simple procedure and they have done thousands before
And you know you are on a journey of your life
A new journey of your life to be healthy attracted and slim
They describe the effects of the gastric band perfectly for you
They tell you that you will have a smaller stomach and eat less
You will have much healthier eating habits
You now fill out the paperwork and wait for the doctors to send you to the theatre
You get excited about this operation
Excited to start your new healthier active life
To life the lifestyle you deserve
Now the theatre is ready and the doctors are ready for you
You take a deep breath and take in the clean sanitised air
Smelling the scent of the hospital
Feeling the anticipation and excitement
They now begin to wheel your bed out of the room
You are laying down in the bed
Wearing the hospital cloths looking up
Feeling excited as they wheel you through the corridor
Seeing the lights as you go past each one in the corridor at walking speed
Up to an elevator going down to the floor below
Coming out in to another corridor knowing you are close
And now in to the theatre room where they put you under the theatre light
They ask if you are ok
And you know you are in safe hands
They now give you an injection to put you into a safe deep sleep
As you notice yourself feeling relaxed
Going deeper and deeper in relaxation
And now they make a small incision on your stomach
And now they put a gastric band around your stomach and it gets tighter as they tighten it up as tight as it can go to make your stomach smaller
And it feels comfortable and relaxing as you know it is safe and been put it professionally safely with great loving care
Now you stomach is smaller and you feel full quicker
Now they safely and professionally close the incision with great success
Now they make another incision directly above the stomach to the tube that feeds the stomach and they put another gastric band around that tube
As tight as it can go and again you feel sake secure and comfortable as it is professional done with great care and love
And close up the incision
Now you eat smaller amounts
You eat less and more healthy
The surgery was a great success
And now they wheel you back to the original room and you feel relaxed
Ready to go back home and start your new healthy life
The doctors come to you and say it was a success and they are really proud of the results of the surgery
They are excited for you to start your new life and send you home to lead it straight away
Now you eat less and eat more healthy
Your life is healthy and productive now
You love being the new you
You love your gastric band
You are making the change
Leading your new healthy life
Eating healthier
Feeling full quicker
Becoming slimmer each and everyday
Feeling new energized and vitalized
Feeling perfect as the new you
Being the new you
The slimmer healthier new you
From now on for the rest of your life


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