Craig Proctor – The Ultimate Listing Presentation

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Craig Proctor – The Ultimate Listing Presentation
DVD 1– Mindset and Effective Strategies Behind Making the Ultimate Presentation

Craig Proctor explains how he systemized his highly effective Listing Presentation by using the right language in the right order to present powerful consumer benefits. This enabled Craig to compel 9 out of the every 10 sellers he met with to list with him. On this powerful DVD, Craig reveals the mindset behind his PROVEN strategies – Craig Proctor sold OVER $1 Billion (that’s with a B) in real estate during his career as an agent and a big part of his success was due to his easy to duplicate Ultimate Listing Presentation system.

Unlike other sales trainers with little or no practical experience, Craig Proctor provides you a unique insider’s prospective taken from his “22 years in the trenches” as one of the most successful real estate agents in North America.

On this DVD Craig Proctor walks you through step-by-step how he sets the stage at the seller’s home before he even starts his presentation. Craig starts the conversation with the questions you should ask the seller before you ever agree to a meeting, how he greets the seller at the door, where in the home Craig prefers to give his presentation, where the sellers should sit at the table and the questions he asks to identify the seller’s personality type enabling him to present his benefits using the correct sales style to win the listing 9 out of 10 times.

These are important details, but keep in mind – Craig has not even started his presentation yet!

DVD 2– Craig Proctor Presents The Ultimate Listing Presentation

On DVD 2, Craig Proctor presents his Ultimate Listing Presentation to you as if you are the home seller. He walks you through step-by-step the strategies he developed during his 22 years as one of the most successful real estate agents in the country. Craig will show you how to differentiate yourself from the competition by using unique services, statistics and powerful performance guarantees. He shares with you how to handle objections and how you will present your unique consumer benefits in a risk-free way.

Craig’s philosophy is that the natural conclusion to an awesome presentation is the seller saying, “where do I sign”. Craig puts it all on the table and holds nothing back.

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Are you a real estate agent who is tired of losing business because you lack an effective listing presentation? Are you are frustrated because you win some listings but lose others and don’t really understand why?

At the end of your presentation are you are faced with objections? Do you have to be a closer or an arm-twister?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it simply means your listing presentation is not strong enough.

The natural conclusion to an awesome presentation is at the end of it the seller says…, “Where do I sign”.


Discover how Craig Proctor, one of the Top Agents for RE/MAX for Over 20 years, listed 9 out of the 10 sellers he met with to a listing contract.

In this 2 DVD, 2 CD and Workbook set; Craig reveals his system and the mindset behind it. Craig shows you what you need to say but also the psychology and reasoning behind the words. Real Estate Agents, when presenting their benefits and programs are like actors on a stage and in this ultimate listing presentation, Craig Proctor sets the stage for you and shows you what to do when walking into the seller’s home, the questions to ask and how to position yourself as a Trusted Advisor with an arsenal full of benefits and guarantees for the home seller that makes listing with you a “no brainer”.

If you are in competition with other agents (and who isn’t), Craig reveals his sure-fire strategies that will render your competitors arguments against you, useless. You will discover the performance guarantees that Craig used in his marketplace to achieve success and he will show you how you can use them and make them your own.

Craig Proctor will present his Ultimate Listing Presentation as if you are the home seller. He stops throughout the presentation to explain why he says what he does and how you can customize his presentation for yourself.


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