Dan Kennedy – Price Elasticity, Profit Protection & Marketplace Power

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Dan Kennedy
Price Elasticity
Profit Protection & Marketplace Power

It’s my entire 2014 SuperConference presentation – one hour, thirty four minutes, 26 seconds.  Everything.

Grab a pen and paper as you’ll want to take copious notes on at least the following:

The 3 GOALS for PRICE STRATEGY that you should always have in your mind.
Exactly how to make even seemingly ridiculous HIGH price appear totally REASONABLE.
The danger posed by YOUR employees to your pricing strategy… and if you don’t address it, it could doom your business!
My 5-Step Power Sequence for presenting price…this is exactly the same process I’ve been using to close high dollar clients for years.
How to make every other competitor’s pricing totally irrelevant.
The KEY Price and Fee Failures that you want to avoid at all costs if you care about getting the most money possible for your goods / services.

And a lot more to go with that as well.