Dan Kennedy – Swipe & Deploy Library – Volume II

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Dan Kennedy
Swipe & Deploy Library
Volume II

Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for marketing your business? Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of a marketing promotion where you had invested a lot of time and money? Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly creating winning marketing promotions that attract customers and prospects like the Pied Piper? Introducing…
Discover a collection of ready-to-use promotions, many of them displaying clever strategies to apply the brilliant tactic taught by legendary copywriter Robert Collier of “entering the conversation already occurring in your prospect’s mind. Several of these “S&D” promotions are so versatile they can be used to drive offline prospects online…and with 12 promotions to choose from, you could go nearly 2 years without the frustration and hassle of having to dream up new marketing ideas.
Shortcuts to Superior Marketing Results
Stop Guessing What Will Work and What Won’t
Easy & FAST Ways To Create Promotions With Less Hassle