Dantalion Jones (aka JK Ellis) – Perfected Mind Control

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Dantalion Jones (aka JK Ellis)

Perfected Mind Control

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Description: 205 page book – scanned, OCRed & bookmarked to one PDF

Okay, before we dive into Perfected Mind Control (PMC) there’s likely a few things you need to know.

First, when you read “mind control” in this book there are two definitions, one narrow and one broad.

The narrow definition of “mind control” is the ability to control and influence other peoples thoughts and behaviors.

The broad definition of “mind control” is the ability to control thoughts and behaviors in general including and especially within ones self.

Both will apply when I describe Perfected Mind Control or PMC.

This illumination began after many years of research and application of various persuasion technologies and having numerous successes and failures.

Eventually I asked myself a few questions that led me to where you are now, reading this book.

These questions may shock you to even consider the answer.

• What are the beneficial aspects of mind control?
• What is missing in the narrow definition of mind control that would increase the beneficial aspects?
• What are the biggest challenges for the people using mind control on others that limit their success?
• How can the two words “mind control” be changed from something people avoid to what people appreciate and accept?

Think about it.

If you’re like most people you will begin to think I’m an evil madman bent on world domination.

While I admit that world domination does have a romantic appeal, I’m simply not willing to devote the time and energy to make that happen.

What I do want is to have people really ask serious questions about what they think, believe and perceive.

Let me also explain that I’m releasing this book with a certain degree of hesitation.


Near the end of this book I’ve included an eight processes that can be used on a subject that will induce very powerful changes.

You should be warned that anyone who uses them is taking full responsibility.

There is no end to the trouble that can happen if someone simply uses the processes without first applying them to themselves.

Let me repeat that.

There is no end to the trouble that can happen if someone simply uses the processes
without first applying them to themselves.

If you are motivated by unrestrained adolescent urges for sex, money and power it’s very likely you’re going to create a stock of subjects that you are unable or unwilling to control.

Just paint a picture of you in a crowded restaurant with someone special while you are being yelled at by a coked out subject that you should have never taken on in the first place!

If you apply these processes in some professional setting, like teacher of counselor, it’s very likely you could imagine seeing yourself standing on a hardwood floor looking eye-level to see a judge banging a gavel at your own sentencing hearing.

With luck you get the picture.

Apply these processes on yourself first! If you do you may discover that the it’s good information but using it on others is simply not worth your effort.

You may also find some excitement in sharing PMC and its increased flexibility that you’ll be living.

To some, especially to some men, “mind control” represents a salvation from sexual frustration, poverty and self doubt.

For those men this might be a tough ride because the majority of work you’ll have
to do is on yourself and not on the numerous mind control prospects out there.

But you’re welcome to take the ride and see where it leads you.

One of the main differences between the PMC model of mind control and what we traditionally think of “cult mind control” is that PMC doesn’t want to convert the world and everyone in it.

PMC is only interested in recruiting the brightest, most positive,adventurous prospects* to go through the various PMC processes to become a full initiate.

You’ll find that the right prospects make your “cult” a fun and enjoyable adventure.

The wrong prospects will, piss you off, alienate members from each other, incites infighting, steal time, money and resources, lie, and cause you to quickly reevaluate
what you are doing.

For the long run you’ll find it easier and more fun to start with only two or three dedicated initiates into your “inner circle” as you build your house.

Hope you have a fun adventure!


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