Dantalion Jones – Ultimate Persuasion Seminar

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 Dantalion Jones – Ultimate Persuasion Seminar

 Four Day Persuasion Seminar

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See the exciting four day schedule of the past training done by Dantalion Jones.  Hours and hours of exciting information that will help you change your life.

With Master Persuader Dantalion Jones

Be Powerful and Influential

Enjoy Unstoppable Confidence

Get Whatever You Want in Life

Recognize & Defend Yourself from Manipulative Techniques

Maybe you’ve heard what it means to be a “master persuader” or a “sales god” and to be someone who can attract the exact people that they want into their life.

We want you to FEEL what it’s like to be the most powerful and influential person you’ve ever known. That is why this Ultimate Persuasion Seminar is going to be about experiencing and doing persuasion furthermore, you’ll have a particularly special focus on the use and application of language patterns.

You won’t just learn these language skills. You will experience them in the most direct way possible in both their constructing and destructive forms.

It’s what we are calling a “deep end of the pool” training where you will learn persuasion skills and have them ingrained in your neurology so that they become instantly accessible and automatic …right when you need them.

Our past attendees are already buzzing about the powerful impact this seminar has had on their lives.


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