Dave Elman Induction Centennial Celebration (1912-2012)

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Dave Elman
Induction Centennial Celebration

Although the DEI (Dave Elman Induction) was first used in teaching medical hypnosis in 1949,  it originated in 1912.    Dave Elman, then age 12, began using it on his classmates after experimenting with other methods for a few years.  The DEI became the foundation of Elman’s advanced methods taught to over 10,000 physicians and dentists.

April, 2012, the Centennial Celebration launched, in Zurich, Switzerland and was professionally  filmed to mark 100 years of this Induction. Through great chemistry, Dave’s son, H Larry Elman, and Hansruedi Wipf present how you, the modern hypnotist, can use Dave Elman’s methods within your practice. (English & German tracks).

This professionally filmed 4 dvd set brings you to this dynamic setting and class.

This DVD set includes 9-1/2 hours including:

– Careers & Achievements of Dave Elman

– Dave Elman Philosophy then & now

– Intro to Clinical Procedures: Smoking, Pain, PTSD

– DEI Group Hypnosis with Demonstration

– Translating DEI

– Regress to Cause & Hypnotherapy Methods

– Hypnosis Attached to Sleep

– Dental Hypnosis

– Self-Hypnosis

– DEI old & New

– Stage Hypnosis Comparisons

– Waking Hypnosis

– Emergency and Medical Hypnosis

– Esdaile State

– Group Esdaile Discussion and Demo and much more.


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