David DeAngelo – 77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating

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David DeAngelo
77 Laws Of Success With Women And Dating

David Deangelo is a name known around the world for one particular reason – he is a seduction guru, the man who knows the inside secrets to successfully seducing someone. As the founder of “Double your Dating”, Deangelo has published tons of literature, as well as produced various multimedia on the subject.

Also known by his stage name of Eban Wind Pagan, Deangelo studied under a man by the name of Ross Jeffries. Interestingly, he went by yet another name – Sisonpyh, which is simply hypnosis backwards. Although Deangelo was involved with various publications, it was not until the Double your Dating book came out in 2001 when he was rocketed to success.

From that time forward, Deangelo begin to publish a number of other great pieces to include “77 Laws of Success with Women and Dating” and “Meeting Women Online”. With such great notoriety, Deangelo continues writing and today, offers a fantastic newsletter via email that currently holds the audience of more than one million people.

The focus of David Deangelo is that human social behavior is not much different from mating habits of other species. For instance, Deangelo believes that social conditioning of today’s world is a huge reason for such failure in dating. The reason is that men specifically have developed a variety of involuntary habits that put a negative spin on their ability to attract and seduce women. One of the main problems is directly linked to cheese pickup lines that first, do not work, and second, make men look weak and insensitive.

In his seminars, Deangelo uses a number of techniques to help get his points across, e well as guide men on how they can achieve their goal whether it is casual dating to marriage. Many other professionals in the business strongly suggest that men go out to meet women and just act themselves. While this point is good, Deangelo takes it further by incorporating strategy needed to be successful. After all, many men trying to be themselves fail because they have not yet refined their character traits or personality.

As Deangelo states, men can acquire the skills needed to have a beautiful relationship. A major problem is that the majority of men simply do not understand women. Because of this, they do not know how to seduce women. Even though they want to have the opportunity to talk to women, they are not sure where to start. Deangelo also believes that men go way overboard when it comes to compliments and gifts, which make women feel insecure. To learn more about Deangelo and his views on seducing women, you should consider getting a copy of his best-selling book, among others.