David DeAngelo – Cocky Comedy

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David DeAngelo
 Cocky Comedy

David DeAngelo teaches the concept of what he is calling “cocky comedy”. Basicly he explains why humour is so important in creating attraction. He also explains what particular kind of humour that works best.

Anyone familiar with David DeAngelo will be able to tell you how much he values a tool of attraction known as cocky and funny, or, as this program calls it Cocky Comedy. Though David DeAngelo stresses the importance of cocky comedy in all his products, this is the only one that deals specifically with the concept of arrogant humor as a tool to get a woman attracted. Throughout the six hours of material, David and his featured guest speakers describe the details of why cocky comedy attracts women to men, and the specific ways in which it can be used in the field.

In the first part of the program, David DeAngelo described the reasons cocky comedy is important by looking into human psychology. Cocky comedy is counter intuitive but when understood, it makes sense, and seems obvious. One important piece was examining why people laugh in the first place. As David explained, most laughter is not actually in response to something that is funny, but is a response to other things. He also went on to describe the differences between males and females when it comes to laughter and how laughing is a sign of status between men and women.

David went on to explain how this combination of cocky and funny can raise your status and create attraction in women. Having a woman laugh is fun and builds comfort, but the humor should also show high status.

Also, busting on a woman creates all sorts of sexual tension between the man and woman creating mystery and intrigue. Cocky comedy should also be used as a tool to create good vibes between a man and woman. The point of cocky comedy is to elevate status so you should avoid self-deprecating humor. And of course, you must be congruent with the personality you are displaying.