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David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game

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David DeAngelo
Deep Inner Game

Annihilate Your Crippling Insecurity, Anxiety And Fear To Transform Into The Powerful, Confident, Attractive Man All Women Want
Tell me something: Have you ever screwed up an important situation with a woman?
Be honest with me here. I want to know…
Have you ever been talking to a woman you felt attracted to… but gotten so nervous and uptight that you fumbled over your words… and she lost interest and walked away?
Have you ever been in a relationship with a wonderful woman… but became emotionally insecure or dependent on her for your own feeling of well-being… to the point where you literally drove her away?
Have you ever seen a woman that you wanted to start a conversation with… but your emotions started to go crazy at even the thought of approaching her… and you just decided that it would be easier to walk away than try to overcome your fear?
Have you ever worried that you’ll never meet the woman of your dreams… let alone have her feel attracted to you and want to be with you if you do?
Well, if you’re like I was when I first started working on my “Inner Game,” then you’ve been in one or more of these situations… probably many times.
But the worst part about going through one of these things is that as you’re going through it, you always know that it’s you that’s screwing things up!
It’s not her. It’s not the situation.
It’s YOU… and you know it. You could feel that you were out of control of yourself and the situation, and you could feel that you were the one who was screwing things up… because you just couldn’t get control of yourself.
And that’s the part that really sucks.

The REAL Reason Some Men Will Always Fail With Women – And What To Do About It
Since I first wrote “Double Your Dating,” I’ve seen a lot of guys making the same mistake: They try to solve their problems with techniques… when they have problems that can never be solved with techniques.

…learning a few lines and tricks won’t help you escape your crippling lack of confidence and self-esteem. These “Inner Game” issues must be addressed at the CORE
A technique will almost never work for a guy who doesn’t have his Inner Game issues handled.
For instance, I’d teach a guy a great opening line to start a conversation with any woman anywhere… but he’d come back to me and tell me that he just couldn’t do it. I’d say “what do you mean?” and he’d say that for some reason, he didn’t even TRY it.
The problem was bigger than having the line.
In fact, having the line only made things WORSE for the guy… because now he had what he THOUGHT he needed… but it STILL didn’t work. He only became more frustrated and depressed… and started feel bad about HIMSELF.
Pick up lines and other techniques can be GREAT… but a great pick up line won’t cure your fear of approaching women. It also won’t get rid of your fear of getting rejected. Or your deeply rooted childhood insecurities. Or your depression, loneliness, and sadness. Or your bad habits that drive women away instead of ATTRACT them.
Above all, learning a few “lines” and “tricks” won’t help you escape your crippling lack of confidence and self-esteem.
These “Inner Game” issues must be addressed at the CORE. The changes must come from INSIDE… not from the outside.
But the good news, as you master the inner demons like fear, anxiety, insecurity, and unpredictable emotions, you’ll see that your “outside” success with women and dating will improve BY ITSELF.