David Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

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 David Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

36 audios (MP3); 26 Letters (DOC); 2 Presentations (PPT); 1 Video (MP4); 1 eBook (PDF)

You will learn it all, from the basics to cutting-edge stuff. Here’s a sample of what I cover:

How apartments make you wealthy safer and faster (single-family is OK, but why not enjoy single-family profits on steroids!)
My 4 experience-tested, absolute keys to successful apartment house ownership. Do these, and you’ll never look back! Page 6
How to accurately determine what stage of the market cycle you’re in at any given time. Knowing this will allow you to adjust your buying and selling strategy. You won’t just increase your profits…you’ll turbo-charge them! Page 46

If You Aren’t Sure How To Find Good Apartments,
You’ve Come To The Right Place!

What your three main objectives should be when buying apartments. Keep these in mind and you will become wealthy faster than you ever dreamed . . . Page 31

What it takes to have your city officials hand you sweet deals. Imagine making money and being “a pillar of your community” at the same time! Page 18

The classified ad that works like a magnet in any market . . . Page 21

Identify the best stage of a market cycle to buy apartment buildings . . . and know with confidence when it’s time to sell. (Hint: It’s not when most people think!) . . . Page 45

11 reasons owners are motivated to sell. Sniff ’em out easily once you know where and how to find them . . . Page 13

How to find the REALLY good deals . . . Page 11 (You better be able to tell the difference!)

The 7 minute Apartment Analyzer Form. Just have your sixth-grade kid fill in the blanks, and you will know if you have a winning deal. . . . Page 42

Don’t miss costly items that will leak away those precious profits . . . Page 57
Protect what you have by buying properties in the correct entities. It’s 100% legal, and makes the nosey ambulance-chaser attorneys go look for easier prey. In fact, do this right, and they won’t know you exist! It’s all in my 11th chapter.

If You’re Shaky About Negotiating,
My System Will Make You Look Forward To It…

The secrets to writing offers that get accepted without haggling or working hard at it . . . Page 78 (Otherwise, why bother?)

Five keys to successful negotiating . . . Page 69 (Learn the right ways, and you’ll actually look forward to negotiating!)

A 4-part negotiating formula guaranteed to get you more deals…It puts more dollars right into your “Hip Pocket National Bank” . . . Page 76

The 6 costly mistakes to avoid while negotiating . . . Page 72 (Nothing complicated, but you better know them!)

The 4 methods that shrewd investors use to keep more money in their pockets at closing time. Page 85. (After the close of escrow, it’s too late!) These methods alone could finance your next dream vacation!


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