David Shade – Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms

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David Shade – Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms

How To Give Women
Wild Screaming Orgasms

This program is at it’s core an A-Z encyclopedia of how to give women mind-blowing orgasms. Going from the basics of the most common orgasm, clitoral orgasms to very advanced orgasms such as orgasm on command and extended orgasms of up to an hour (yes this is possible).

First you need to realize what most men don’t know…
Women Are EXTREMELY Sexual Creatures
FAR More Sexual Than A Man Could Ever Imagine

Unfortunately most men will never get to see this side of a woman… because they just don’t know how to bring it out.

But on the other hand… if you know how to bring out this “wild side” in a woman… you better hold on tight, because you’re going to be in for one WILD ride.

Imagine your woman wanting SEX ALL THE TIME

Here’s a truism about female sexuality… When sex is really good for a woman, she can’t get it enough! I know, that sounds contradictory, but think of the other side of the coin…

When sex is really bad for a woman, she NEVER wants it. You see, unlike men, women are NOT driven by a need to HAVE sex; instead they are driven by a NEED for really GOOD sex. Do you understand the difference? Women are not at all interested in sex unless they know it’s going to be REALLY GOOD.

So it’s a simple formula really…
The Secret To Getting What You WANT
Is Simply To Oblige Her NEEDS

You’ll discover exactly what those four needs are, and exactly how to easily satisfy them. It’s very rare for a woman to find a man who knows how to do this, so you’ll immediately stand out from all the other guys she’s known.

Next I’ll show you how to give her INCREDIBLE PLEASURE. First you start with crucial knowledge of how things work…
Do you truly understand female anatomy?

But, before you run the marathon… you need to learn how to walk. This means learning female anatomy. The stuff they leave out in school.

Do you know why women have a clitoris? I mean really, it’s great for pleasure, but what purpose does it serve for preservation of the species? The reason why women have a clitoris is the same reason why men have nipples.

Do you know why women ejaculate? (Yes, they really do, or they CAN when you TEACH them! I’ll show you how.) It’s for the same reason mentioned above.

You’ll discover the answers to all of these things and it will open up a whole new perspective and understanding of female sexuality for you. With these hard-to-find secrets about female sexuality you can massively increase her excitement and her responsiveness to you. Very few men know this stuff.