David Shade – VIP Inner Circle – April 2014

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David Shade – VIP Inner Circle – April 2014

David Shade – VIP Inner Circle –
This month I interviewed my good friend and former
roommate at the Brad P Pickup Mansion, TheBigHornKidd.
His name is Ben, and he’s had the same challenges
as most guys, including disempowering social
He did a lot of work on himself over the past 3 years,
and he’s come a long way.
Hear his story about how he transformed from a shy,
mute, and lousy infrequent lover, into a Masterful
Lover who regulary dominates girls to orgasmic bliss.
Of special note, Ben has become highly skilled at
online dating. He was even named the official
“Online Coach” by Brad P for his 30/30 online forum.
This month I discuss two very important words:
Leadership and Dominance.
I include an example of me doing both.
Lena calls it some of my best work yet.


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