David Snyder – Applied NLP in Business Mastery

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David Snyder
 Applied NLP in Business Mastery

David Snyder is an expert on the subjects of Covert Language, Persuasion, and Influence. He is a captivating speaker and one of the shining stars of Hypnoticon. The people who used David’s projects on knows how much valuable this Undue Influence is.

This program talks about the various forms of influences that are affecting your decisions (this is primarily focused on Sales and Market). Knowing these types of  influences will make you Powerful by avoiding being influenced by others, and also you can use these patterns on someone else whom you want to influence.

He also teaches about the technique called “Interview pressure” to get into interviews, succeed in it even if you are not qualified. How to write hypnotic copies that make people fighting to do business with you.

David Snyder (aka David Van Arrick) is a very competent instructor who studied under Kenrick Cleveland, Mark Cunningham ( makes a cameo), John LaTourette, Ross Jeffries, and other notables.

The information is well presented, the drills are simple and effective, and I did find myself doing the stuff he teaches in the real world without thinking about it, which leads me to think his unconscious installation strategies are effective.