Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2

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 Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2

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Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2 features never-before-released Shogun Method tactics engineered to enhance your abilities to control, dominate and enslave women emotionally!

• Module 1: Enslavement Mind Games. Featuring detailed strategies for “Emotional Blackmail”, “You Owe Me” and “Gaslighting”.

• Module 2: Yes Ladders. An old NLP technique given a fresh Shogun Method twist. Discover how to get compliance from your woman in less than 10 minutes.

• Module 3: Pacing + Leading. The foundational principle that powers up every single Shogun Sequence that you know.

• Module 4: Five Rapport Stage Mistakes. Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll escalate from Rapport to Attract stage quickly and easily.

• Module 5: Advanced Value Elicitation. Use this proprietary Shogun Method technique to take a peek into her mind and know what she really wants in a man… so that you can be that man for her.


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