Derek Rake – The Barnum Manuscript

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 Derek Rake – The Barnum Manuscript

What’s Inside The Barnum Manuscript™

Here’s what you’re getting inside this package when you buy the Manuscript today:

  • Discover how to quickly induce the “Barnum Effect” inside a woman’s mind and make her feel an instant connection with you
  • Learn the art of crafting “Barnum Statements” and how you can use them to influence, persuade (and manipulate) a woman
  • Decode her appearance and speech patterns in seconds so that you’ll know what to say to her to control her mind
  • Get a systematic, step-by-step breakdown of proven Barnum Statements and know exactly why they work so well
  • Learn how to customize Barnum Statements based on her personality type (introverts vs extroverts)
  • Discover ways to adapt your Barnum Statements according to her age or life stage as well as physical appearance
  • Learn the top six (6) tips on how to deliver your Barnum Statements for maximum effect
  • Use proven “Barnum Openers” which you can use to lead into your Barnum Statements and make them work great
  • EXCLUSIVE: Get the ultimate list of 32 industrial-strength Barnum Statements which you can use immediately on a woman and get tremendous results today!