Direct Dating Summit – Berlin 2014

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Direct Dating Summit – Berlin 2014

26 MP4 – 1 MP3 – 1 PDF

Here’s what you’re getting:

15 HOURS of recorded videos from the DDS Berlin seminar:

  • Sasha: How Societal Pressure Keeps You MEDIOCRE And How To Break Out Of It So You Can Create True Freedom
  • Badboy: Finding Girls Who Are Already Horny & The Ninja-Level Body Language Moves That Instantly Turn Them On
  • Alan Roger Currie: The Godfather Of Direct Game On How To Get Girls WET Using Nothing But Words
  • Johnny Soporno: The Deepest Material You’ve Ever Heard On How To Become The Type Of Guy Women Find IRRESISTIBLE
  • Steve Pavlina: The 3 Simple Rules For Growth And Why Some People Succeed FAST And Others Tread Water For Years
  • James Marshall: Unlocking The Keys To What Women REALLY Want
  • Unforgettable Dates Report – Most guys murder their chances of success even if they can get girls to meet them… the info in this report guarantees that’ll never happen to you
  • The Unbreakable Direct Dating Rules — The simple rules that GUARANTEE you’ll get laid if you just follow them consistently. It has taken me over 10 years to develop these and I’m handing them to you on a silver platter of a 50 page PDF and 15 online videos.


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