Doberman Dan – Paid By Lunch

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Doberman Dan – Paid By Lunch

Dear Friend,

At my most recent Gold Mastermind meeting one of my Knights left all the other entrepreneurs completely blown away…with quite a few almost turning green with envy.

Here’s why:

Rob is a copywriter.

He’s young, free, drinking in every enchanting delight life has to offer… and enjoys the unbridled pleasure of a “playboy” dream lifestyle most men would give one of their two most cherished and protected organs to have.

He surfs whenever he wants (living minutes from one of the most stunning beaches in the U.S.)…

…travels and lives in exotic foreign countries for months at a time…

…spends his evenings with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, drinking pricey single malt scotch and enjoying rare cigars that cost more than most new college graduates earn in a week.


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