Dr. Eric Cobb – Z Health: The Balance Gym

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 Dr. Eric Cobb – Z Health: The Balance Gym

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What is The Balance Gym?

The Balance Gym is the most complete set of brain-body exercises available for dramatically improving your balance and movement quickly and effectively. As devoted neuroscience geeks AND athletes, we’ve weeded through thousands of pages of research, combined that with real-world training experiences with tens of thousands of clients and athletes worldwide, and boiled it all down into this simple follow-along program. The Balance Gym is a vital piece of the total-body pain relief and performance training system known around the world as Z-Health.

How Does It Work?

The Balance Gym takes a unique approach to improving your balance and movement in comparison to most training programs. The reason for this is our recognition that world-class balance skills require two distinct events to occur:

Signal Quality – Real world balance skill requires a very precise body-wide “symphony” of coordinated neural signals to occur. Signals from your eyes, your inner ear and your body’s movement nerve endings all play vital roles in how you balance and move. So, to IMPROVE balance, you have to challenge each component of the system and make sure that the SIGNAL QUALITY is optimized.

Signal Integration – In addition to having excellent signal quality, we also need exceptional signal integration. This is all about how your BRAIN processes the balance information it’s receiving from the eyes, the inner ear and the body. Ultimately, BALANCE LIVES IN THE BRAIN, which means that to train your balance optimally requires us to challenge your brain to integrate at the highest level. The WAY WE PERFORM the exercises in The Balance Gym is specifically designed to teach your brain this vital skill.

What Will I Notice? What Are The Benefits?

Beyond better balance, you will love the other quality of life benefits you receive from investing time and specific training to your vestibular, visual, and body movement systems, which are all significant influences on your balance, depending on the signals your brain gets from them.

Improving your balance is going to have a profound affect on your life. Here’s a short list of just some of the things we’ve personally seen in thousands of our clients:

• Improved Confidence in Movement

• Movement Ease & Efficiency

• Vastly Improved Muscle Tone, Movement Skill and Posture.

• Decreased Daily Muscle Tension and Improved Resistance to Stress.

• Major Improvements in Strength, Speed, & Mobility/Flexibility.

• Breakthroughs in Sports Performance.

• Significant Decreases or Total Elimination of Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain.

• Improved Visual Skills and Decreased Eye Strain.

• Massive Improvements in Daily Energy with Decreased Fatigue.

• Oh, and Better Balance! 

What’s Included in the Package?

• A 54 Page Manual clearly outlines the program, exercises, and assessments. Plus, for the inner science nerd in all of us, there is a section that details the science behind The Balance Gym.

• A thorough Instructional video that will take you through the program so you’ll know how to comfortably perform the baseline assessments and exercises.

• A Follow-Along video will walk you through the exercises ensuring you cover all the drills.

• Charts to track your progress so you can see the improvements and enjoy the results!


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