Dr Robert Anthony – Zero Resistance Weight Release

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Dr Robert Anthony – Zero Resistance Weight Release


Are you sick and tired of……

* Panicking at the thought of wearing a bathing suit or tight jeans?
* Huffing and puffing when you walk?
* Trying to find clothes to hide those bulging body parts?
* Not wanting to have your picture taken?
* Being tired all the time?
* Avoiding intimate relationships?
* Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself fat and out of shape?
* Feeling like your weight is out of control?

My guess is that you have probably tried every imaginable diet, weight loss program, pill, shake, meal replacement, starvation method and exercise gadget on the market to lose weight…and failed. You’ve become discouraged and frustrated. At some point you may have even considered liposuction and gastric bypass surgery.
You are reading this because you have tried everything possible to PERMANENTLY lose weight and nothing has worked!

If you have been programmed to believe that diets, pills, shakes, meal replacement, rigorous exercise and willpower are the only ways to lose weight, it’s no wonder you feel frustrated.
The Good News is Your Search is Over! You Can Finally get
the Body You Deserve.

My name is Dr. Robert Anthony. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, personal performance trainer and the author of the multi-million best-seller “Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence” which his now published in 22 countries. I am also the author of the most popular manifestation program in the world – “The Secret of Deliberate Creation”.

But enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.

Even if you’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of the excess weight and keep it off, you’re about to discover a permanent solution that will end dieting FOREVER.

So where do we begin?
Stop Trying to “Lose” Weight.

The first step is to Stop Trying to “Lose” Weight. Research clearly shows that over 95% of people who manage to “lose” weight will gain it all back, and most of them will end up weighing more than when they started.

What you really want is to permanently RELEASE your excess weight – not LOSE it. Think about it!  When you lose something, what happens? You go looking for it.

If you “lost” your wallet or your purse you’d go looking for it, wouldn’t you? As you will see, your Subconscious Mind is literal and it knows if you lose something you will consciously or unconsciously try to find it.
What you are about to learn is how to RELEASE the excess weight from your life, once and for all – so you never have to “lose” it again!


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