Drayton Bird – How to Write Sales Letters And Emails That Sell

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Drayton Bird – How to Write Sales Letters And Emails That Sell

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Gary Bencivenga wrote:

“Your books are among my most valued possessions, and easily among the greatest ever written on advertising, right up there with those by Caples, Ogilvy, Schwab, Reeves and Hopkins.”

Clayton Makepeace wrote:

“What a kick that was! I feel like I’ve just spent an hour with the Pope … you triggered so many great ideas and confirmed so many closely held beliefs of mine, well, believe it or not, words fail …”

Joe Sugarman wrote:

“Witty and practical, but never boring. A great book to read and re-read and one that I wish I had read earlier in my career.”

Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP wrote:

“Drayton Bird is a wise and wily direct marketer. People all over the world have been lucky enough to learn from him.”

David Ogilvy wrote:

“Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world”

Amazon Review Of Book wrote:

I think I love Drayton Bird, no really. I’ve only recently discovered him and have been kicking myself for not finding him sooner. I’m not in the marketing or advertising industry, which explains the oversight. Regardless, as a professional, I am in marketing and advertising–myself and my message. I’ve got to communicate clearly and persuasively. If you do, too, this book will put you on the path and walk you down it.

It is not only the writing, it’s the process, too. The masterful Mr. Bird covers that as well. So many of us nonwriting types think writers sit down and tap out a letter start to finish. Not so. There’s much research, data gathering, thinking, and planning that go into a persuasive piece. However, even if you are simply writing emails to your colleagues, there’s knowledge to be had here.

Glancing through my highlights while writing this review, I can see a second and a third, fourth, and fifth reading of the book is warranted. This is one of those books that imparts more and more of its author’s wisdom with each reading.

Amazon Review Of Book wrote:

This is a valuable resource for any business owner, salesperson, copywriter, or anyone else trying to make a good living. It can be difficult to know how to craft letters that truly drive results. Here’s the primer for alleviating that concern. While reading the book, I often found myself with a question about how to handle a certain element of a sales letter. Then I’d invariably find that Mr. Bird would address it a chapter or two later. The book also happens to be a good read. The writing is, in fact, quite charming and funny. And there’s no doubt that Mr. Bird knows what he’s talking about. He’s got all kinds of testimonials to attest to this (and if you read the book, you’ll see how important this is). Highly recommended.


The right piece of direct mail can produce excellent response rates and have an extraordinary effect on business. But why do some sale letters achieve spectacular results whilst others are instantly consigned to the bin? This book reveals the secrets of creating successful sales letters. Containing examples of real sales letters, it includes plenty of advice on what to avoid as well as what to include. Key topics are covered such as: the secrets of persuasion; planning a letter which will get replies; creating offers that get responses and timing mailings for maximum effect.


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