Dream Sculpting by Andrew Holecek

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Dream Sculpting
Andrew Holecek

This course is for you if you

1) Interested in the thrill of waking up in their dreams and having the time of their life in the privacy of their own mind.
2) Looking to make better use of the combined 50 hours a week the average person spends in slumber and turn part of it into a life-transforming experience.
3) Drawn to the concept of Lucid Dreaming as a vehicle for awakening or spiritual expansion.

Every human being on this planet sleeps and dreams.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on when you sleep and dream?

What are those shadowy states of consciousness we all share?

Ones that we spend a third of our lives in?

Are they mere rest that serves no other purpose than rejuvenating your physical body?

What if there was more to the story?

What if those were the greatest missed opportunities of humankind?

Have You Been Sleeping
While Others Were Awake?

The fact is… our sleep and dream states present an extremely precious opportunity for psychological and spiritual growth.

An opportunity to live our greatest lives.
And the only way to make use of it is through the art of lucid dreaming.
When correctly harnessed, lucid dreaming can revolutionize the way you relate to sleep and dream. Yet there are millions of people who either have never heard of it or never really fully understood the potential of this unique dreaming experience… who are missing out on living the highest version of themselves.

What if everyone could make use of this natural gift that only humans are blessed with?

Will they still choose suffering over joy?

Why should they?

Patricia Garfield, a dream researcher with a Ph.D., and the author of ten books, says “By deliberately changing elements in your dream life, you can learn to confront many of your problems at their origin—in your own mind, rather than years later in the therapist’s office.”

Mary Ziemer, who manages the Dream Research Institute at the Centre for Counseling and Psychotherapy Education in London, says, “[_Transformation_] which can take years in waking physical reality, can be greatly accelerated as the psyche understands this process inwardly within a single dream.”

The question now is…

Are you missing out on living a life that’s much more heavenly than the one you’re currently in?
Now You Can Finally Wake Up In Your Dreams And Explore The Deepest Depths Of Your Consciousness Through Lucid Dreaming

Ask any Lucid Dreamer and they’ll swear by the life-changing magic of lucid dreams.

For one, it gives you limitless freedom and escapism.

This is perhaps one of the first and foremost reason why so many people find lucid dreaming attractive.
Through a lucid dream, you can meet your personal idol, re-enact a particular day in history or soar in the sky like an eagle. There’s immense freedom. You can manifest anything you want while still mimicking the reality you live in right now.

It also empowers you to question the nature of reality, communicate with your subconscious mind and shine a light on your shadows.

You can even practice your skills in a virtual reality like manner to become better at something.

Jack Nicklaus famously improved his golf game through a lucid dream.

A pianist could practice in their lucid dream, and reap the same benefits as if they were practicing on a real piano. The legendary Arthur Rubinstein was able to mentally practice a piece he had never performed, and then perform it without further rehearsal.

The German chemist Friedrich Kekule discovered the molecular structure of benzene in a dream, James Cameron’s dream of a robot-man eventually became the movie The Terminator, Robert Louis Stevenson came up with the plot for his novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a dream, and Paul McCartney’s song Yesterday came to him in a dream.
Plus lucid dreaming creates a natural, joyful high that spills over to your waking reality.

Imagine that happening to you.

In short, if everyone mastered the art of lucid dreaming, it would exponentially advance and enrich the human race.

So how can you get started on this personally?
Introducing… Dream Sculpting — The Gold Standard Course In Lucid Dreaming With Legendary Teacher Andrew Holecek And Designed By Mindvalley

We partner with some of the legendary teachers on the planet merging their teachings with great technology and design to create learning programs that truly change lives and transform you into the greatest version of yourself.

We realized that the concept of lucid dreaming is anything but new and there are countless studies and thousands of books written on it. Our scientists started studying it since 1978. Before that, the ancient Eastern spiritual schools had documented it thousands of years ago.

Yet today, thousands of amateur practitioners are struggling to find a definitive path to its mastery.
And that’s why we decided to create a gold standard course called Dream Sculpting.

It is designed as a six-week experiential program based on modern science and Eastern Buddhist traditions. You will learn the fundamentals of lucid dreaming as well as advanced techniques. You will be guided every step of the way by Andrew Holecek.

You not only get all the benefits of a self-paced curriculum but you also get highly interactive and personalized solutions to suit your needs as Andrew will be answering your questions.

It truly is the masterpiece of a course that the world needs right now.

Our guarantee is that this course will not only transform your night. But it will completely shift the way you look at your life from now on.

And you do not have to work on it for years. Just six weeks.

What You’ll Learn

Eight Ways The Dream Sculpting Program

Will Transform You

Even though Andrew brings in wisdom from the East, there are no religious undertones to this course. We respect all beliefs and the course is deeply rooted in science and verifiable facts.

But it’s not for everyone.

While some might be what we call a “natural” when it comes to Lucid Dreaming, others have to set a firm intention to unlock this ability.

Hence if you’re not a natural Lucid Dreamer, you must be willing to put in some effort to enjoy the fruits of this noble endeavor.

If you do put in the effort, this course will probably take you through the entire spectrum of Lucidity — from barely recalling a dream and shortest flashes to being hyper-lucid in your dreams and experiencing vivid HD-quality lucid dreams that last an hour.

And you’ll undergo a massive transformation in the process.

Here are some of what you can expect.

01 Reduce nightmares, depression, and trauma

Lucid dreaming is a remarkable tool to put people out of depression, nightmares and trauma of the past. In a study at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, participants underwent lucid dreaming treatment (LDT), which included coming up with alternative endings to their nightmares. Those who were able to do so reduced the number of their nightmares.

02 Boost your confidence, skills and happiness levels

In your lucid dreams you can conjure up any of the scenarios of your waking reality and in an instant alter the scene to suit your needs. This can be a tremendous personal growth tool which can be used to boost confidence, overcome shyness, manage grief, and even rehearse your skills.

03 Eliminate bad beliefs and habits while cultivating new ones

Of all the states of consciousness we know of, the waking state has the least power to transform simply because of the years of past conditioning and programming that it’s already been subjected to. However, in the dream state, our consciousness is more malleable and more fluid. Hence it’s the best, most effortless way to cultivate new habits and beliefs.

04 Solve problems, find answers and get innovative ideas

While lucid dreaming, your consciousness level is up a notch and so you may be better at solving problems. Several studies prove that lucid dreamers often come up with a “remote and, at the time, implausible” options when presented with a challenge in a lucid dream. These turn out to be the most innovative solutions that otherwise wouldn’t even register in their mind.

05 Enhance your physical strength and improve performance

Lucid dreaming has been proven to be effective in helping you with any physical activity that you want to improve. Scientists in Germany, through fMRI research, found that doing something in your lucid dreams is neurologically equivalent to actually doing it. Meaning, if you improve your dream body, it will have an effect on your physical body. Studies with professional athletes have proven this to be true.

06 Trigger healing and reverse problematic conditions

One doctor published a paper about a patient with a twenty-two-year history of chronic pain who cured himself overnight with a single lucid dream. There are other studies too that show how people have all kinds of healing results from healing a painful sprained tendon to stopping internal bleeding, reducing fever and signs of infection, speeding recovery from fractures, reducing uterine cysts, and healing scar tissues. However, please note that lucid dreaming cannot be a substitute for proper medical care.

07 Become a powerhouse of creativity and intuition

Lucid dreaming is also proven to have the potential to tap into your creative and intuitive potential. The creative reservoirs that artists, musicians and inventors use can be accessed in your lucid dreams. And it can also give you a Déjà vu-like intuitive feeling for spotting out opportunities or dangers.
08 Awaken to your true nature and see the full potential of life

When you start having lucid dreams, you’ll realize that during your entire life you’ve been sitting on top of a vast reservoir of potentiality that you never tapped into. In lucid states, you’re entering the deepest depths of your consciousness to uncover your true nature and see your natural gifts so you can bring them to the surface of your life.

Here’s the important thing you need to keep in mind: the waking life or the physical reality that you see every day is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cause and effect in life. Much of it is governed by huge, unbelievably immense subconscious realms of our minds.

Lucid Dreaming offers a shortcut to those realms.

And the Dream Sculpting program eliminates the guesswork from your lucid dreaming practice.

Rock Your Dream World So You Win

The Real World

By embarking on this 6-week journey with Andrew Holecek, you are not just transforming your nighttime experience…

… but you’re actually changing your entire life.

Because the fact is your waking and dream consciousnesses have a bidirectional effect on each other. What happens during your day will affect what happens in your night and vice versa.

By mastering the “dream game” — your thoughts, habits, and actions in the waking state will transform in the shortest possible time.

It’s like somewhere in the deepest depths of your consciousness you’ve flipped a switch that gave you a newfound sense of freedom and confidence like nothing you’ve seen before.

For instance:

Have you ever wondered why some people can overcome any problems, however complex or unending it may seem? Did you ever find yourself opening your mouth, gasping when they achieve what they want against impossible odds? It’s because they have a tremendous sense of belief in themselves in relation to the real world. Some are natural at it. But if you want to cultivate this type of behavior, there’s no better practicing ground than the dream reality. And in just six weeks, you’ll be the person that others look to in awe.

There’s no arguing that the legendary Steve Jobs had great vision. In your own life, you may have seen people like that. Perhaps your boss or someone you really admire in life. Have you ever wished you could be like them? According to a Gallup study, 50% of Americans dislike their jobs. A big part of this is because people are working on tasks that do not align with their vision. When you learn to lucid dream, you actually gain greater clarity on your purpose and mission in life and how to move towards it. When this happens you won’t need motivation — instead you jump out of bed every morning excited about your vision.

If you have writer’s block, artist’s block or any other creative block, consider them gone by the end of the six weeks with Andrew Holecek. This is because Lucid Dreams are the ultimate breeding ground for all creativity. Your mind, will literally be unhooked from the imaginary leashes we carry in our waking mind, and there will be limitless possibilities. For the first time in your life, you’ll never run out of ideas. You’ll wake up every day in the morning and literally scramble for pieces of paper to write down all the ideas you’ve had in your dreams. People will start calling you the idea man or woman. And you’ll start wondering why others haven’t figured out Lucid Dreaming yet.

And there are so much more transformations you’ll have thanks to Lucid Dreaming.

The truth is any of these transformations will make an amazing difference to the quality of your life.
And so being able to Lucid Dream consistently and every night, is clearly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why we’re excited to bring you this course with Andrew Holecek.


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