Eric Edmeades – Successful Speaking Strategies

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Eric Edmeades – Successful Speaking Strategies


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Product explained by uploader:

In these videos Eric is filming an online course. He decided he will stream everything online. Therefore you can not only get the good stuff, but also the behind the scenes one. Basically you’re getting the raw, uncut and unedited stuff that’s actually much better as you will see. You will see that even for Eric, who is a professional speaker himself, creating a course in one go is not possible.

Between the takes he answers all kinds of important questions ranging between presenting and speaking live, doing a Facebook Live recordings in front of family and friends, how to position yourself as a better speaker to get speaking engagements and how to get over the cringe worthy feeling when editing your own video or audio recordings and so forth.

This is 12 hours with all kinds of good stuff. There is a LOT packed in this. Learn from him, model him.

Eric Edmeades wrote:

The speaking and presentation principles I’m teaching in this three-part workshop are at the heart of my 20+ years of success as a professional speaker and international entrepreneur.

Three-day workshop happened on the following dates:
Day 1: Nov 21st at 12pm-4pm New York time
Day 2: Nov 22nd at 12pm-4pm New York time
Day 3: Nov 23rd at 12pm-4pm New York time

This was brought live as a repeat for those who missed the recordings. These are available for limited time only and won’t be available anywhere else. So I decided to rip them for myself and then decided I will upload this.

Maybe someday there will be someone who sells this workshop’s DVD’s on some dark back alley where drug dealers, prostitutes and the most disgusting of them all – the Pokemon GO players do their dirty deeds. Do you really want to visit such places? I thought so… no filthy STD ridden alleys, download this right here.


  • Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 720p video’s in mp4.
  • Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 mindmaps in pdf made by a fan and shared on the Facebook group.
  • Stage effect pdf – This 12-page e-book is a quick and insightful read that teaches you exactly what The Stage Effect is, and gives you a birds-eye-view of the strategies and techniques you’ll need to use The Stage Effect to multiply your profits.Open for everyone. Please don’t mistaken this for some cheap download due to lack of exclusivity factors such as wait times or no GB financing etc. This is one of the best recordings on both public speaking and recording digital products I’ve ever seen.



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