Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Sex Toys

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 Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Sex Toys

I teach you how to alternate and keep your lover on her edge …guessing at what’s next! Join me as I reveal:
• How to build your own pleasure chest of kinky sex toys that you’ll enjoy using with your lover… all year round!
• Why sex toys are MORE THAN just vibrators or dildos. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of sex toys… ranging from naughty bed games to lingerie!
• How to choose the right vibrator for your lover (Ladies beware! Not all vibrators are made the same!)
• Dildos that directly target the G-spot and offer intense stimulation for your lover (Recommended for use together with your fingers!)
• Sex toys for guys – Your lover doesn’t have to be the only one getting all the fun!
• The best place to shop for sex toys online at the best prices without breaking the bank
• The most versatile sex toy for bondage play
• 10 common sex toy materials and what to take note for each of them (That skin-like sex toy may not be as safe as you think!)
• One deadly compound you’ll NEVER want in your sex toys… but is often added to soften the texture of plastic because it’s cheap! (Beware when you buy one of those cheap sex toys!)
• And more…

Remember – Forbidden Sex Toys is both a written manual AND an audio MP3 file… You’ll LOVE it as I verbally take you through my favorite sex toys!


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