Gabrielle Moore – The Sex Starved Couple

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 Gabrielle Moore – The Sex Starved Couple


Are you sex starved & deprived?
“Bestselling Sex Expert Gabrielle Moore
Discovers Secret Formula For Putting
Shockingly Hot, Dirty Sex Back Into
Love-Dead Relationships…”
And Swears Under Oath That Her Methods Have Nothing
To Do With Illegal Sexual Stimulants Or Drugs!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double Her Desire”,
“Hot Licks” (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

Excuse me for being blunt, but how often do you still have sex with your lover?

If you have been together for a while and still manage to get intimate at least once a week… Congratulations!
You’re In The Top 15% Of The Population!

If you’re currently getting ALL the red-hot & wild sex you need, then this letter is definitely not for you. But if you’re feeling sex-starved like more than half of the population out there is… then please read on because I have an exciting discovery to share with you.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health & Behavior conducted by Indiana University, less than HALF of married men have sex with their lover at least once a week.

Not surprisingly, research also shows that as the time spent in a relationship increases… the frequency of sex…
Actually Decreases!

Have you heard of this old saying?

“Put a coin in a bottle each time you make love during the first year of marriage…

And take a coin out each time you make love every subsequent year…

The bottle will never be empty!”

It’s sad but true!

If you have been together for a while, things certainly don’t seem as hot or playful as they used to. If you’re lucky, your lover may agree to your requests for sex once in a long, long while… But even so, it’s not the same long, passionate romps you had in the early days of your relationship!

For many sex starved couples, sex nowadays is a hurried affair… lasting no more than half an hour to an hour at most… before either party loses interest or gets tired.

If you have children at home, then there is the constant fear of being interrupted (and getting embarrassed), which prevents both parties from going all the way (if you know what I mean…)

Add on to that the tremendous stress from work… or physical exhaustion after a hard day of housework, and you get a pretty good idea of what the sex life of a typical couple is like…
It’s Literally Non-Existent!

Let’s face it. Many couples who have been in a relationship for a while are sex-starved and deprived. Deep down inside they’re craving for some hot, wild sex… but they just don’t know how to get it.

That’s why men in such relationships usually seek the easy way out. They turn to pornography, or even have affairs with people they shouldn’t to satisfy their sexual urges.

It doesn’t get much better for women either. In this country, the statistics of women getting involved in extramarital affairs are on the rise… and cracks usually start to develop in a relationship once a couple doesn’t have enough sex.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that sex is the ONLY important thing in a relationship… but it is indeed the bedrock and foundation of ANY good relationship!

When a couple has quality sex… they’re not just spending intimate time together. The close physical & emotional contact during sex also builds openness and trust in a couple, which is hugely beneficial in any relationship. Couples who have sex regularly are not only happier because their sexual urges are satisfied… they also communicate more freely and are more comfortable with each other.

The reverse is also true! Lack of sex has been found to lead to the following problems in couples:
Health Problems…

Sex not only feels good, it also brings about several important health benefits. Multiple scientific studies worldwide have confirmed the perks of regular love-making – from relieving stress, boosting immunity, improving cardiovascular health, reducing prostate cancer risk to helping one sleep better:

Stress – According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychology, men and women who had sexual intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behavior or abstained.

Immunity – Scientists from Wilkes University found that those who have sex frequently have higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their blood, an antibody that protects you from getting colds and other infections.

Heart attack risks – Contrary to popular belief that sex causes stroke in older men, researchers from England found that having sex twice or more a week reduces the risks of fatal heart attack in men by half!

Prostate cancer risk – Australian researchers found that frequent ejaculations reduced the risk of prostate cancer later in life.

Sleep – The hormone, oxytocin, released during orgasm promotes sleep.

Think about all the FREE health benefits you’re missing out on by not getting enough sex!
Or Emotional Pain…

I can’t tell you how many couples have told me their relationship suffered as a result of the lack of sex.

Let’s start with the obvious. When our sexual needs are not satisfied, they do not just disappear. Instead, these sexual urges recur many times during the day… at some of the most inconvenient times! If you have ever tried to concentrate on work but kept getting distracted by all those sexual thoughts that made it SO HARD for you to continue… you know what I mean!

Or perhaps your lover’s disinterest in sex is making you deeply frustrated. You don’t know what’s wrong with her, and secretly wonder if she finds you unattractive. Worst still, you secretly wonder if she is having an affair outside!

You may also blame her for being so conservative and unadventurous in sex, when she turns down your requests for sex and blames you for being so dirty! Or maybe she doesn’t even allow you to touch her, or get intimate with her anymore…

But trust me… no matter how disinterested in sex your lover appears to be…
It Does NOT Mean Her Sexual Desires
Are Totally Gone!

In many cases, she’s still feeling very, very horny deep down inside… and doesn’t know what to do about it!

It’s natural for human beings to have sexual urges… and that includes your lover! Just because you haven’t had sex with your lover for a long time doesn’t mean her sexual feelings are totally gone.

As I’ve said so many times, the reverse is often true. Something that previously happened in your relationship or long periods of non-communication could have caused her to hide her true feelings… for fear of getting hurt once again.

Or maybe she is feeling insecure about her own body after years of being in a relationship… and feels conscious about exposing herself to you sexually.

Whatever it is, there are many reasons why your lover may not want to talk about sex… But here’s the good news:
You Can Start To Change Things
And Make Sex A Regular Affair… At Any Age!

Think back to the early days of your relationship. Chances are, both of you would have pounced at every single chance to be intimate. Even simple dinner outings or a walk in the park became something kinky… as you slipped your hands under her skirt…

But somewhere along the way… things started to change. As the relationship took its toil and the years went by… both of you started becoming less physical and intimate. Eventually, you hardly touch each other anymore! You hardly even spend time locked in a passionate embrace, much less have hot, wild sex with each other!

I’m telling you this to let you realize that things CAN change. Your relationship wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always sex-starved. If you think back to the beginning of your relationship… there would be a certain point in time when sex was a regular affair… and you enjoyed every single minute of it!

How would you like to bring some of that naughty back?

How would it feel like… if hot and wild sex is once again a regular part of your relationship?

Impossible… you say? Not so, according to the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have benefited from my sex advice. You see, just as your relationship did not deteriorate and reach this stage overnight… you can’t expect things to get better overnight.

But if you make the effort to follow my simple, proven steps to revitalize and reignite your sex life…
Regular, Hot Sex Can Become
A Reality For You!

And trust me, when it comes to teaching couples how to go from love-dead relationships to having hot sex… no one knows it better than me.

Here’s a little blurb my publisher wrote about me:
Who Is Gabrielle Moore & How Can She
Help You Have Better Sex?

Gabrielle Moore is the frank, outspoken & trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. More than three hundred and fifty-thousand (that’s 350,000) men have read and benefitted from her books, courses, articles and regular sex advice.

Happily married to a loving husband, Gabrielle is the author of way too many sex advice books and courses to list here, including Turn Her On Faster (on advanced foreplay techniques), The Female Orgasm Revealed, Hot Licks (on female oral sex), Double Her Desire, Erotic Massage For Better Sex and many many more.

A recognized authority on real-world sex techniques (none of that academic theory stuff) from an honest female perspective, Gabrielle™s sex advice has been featured in publications such as Men™s Fitness magazine… read by over 8 million readers worldwide!

Gabrielle continues to delight new readers with her advice and has a growing collection of glowing testimonial letters – over 4,000+ to date!

You may be wondering, “Gabrielle, with a life story that reads like yours… No wonder you can get hot sex!”

But things weren’t always this way. It may surprise you, but I once was in a sex-starved relationship. A few years into my marriage, the shine started coming off things and very soon… our love life was down in the dumps.

My husband couldn’t understand why I suddenly lost interest in sex either. It was as if all the energy was sucked out of me, and I felt irritated by his constant demands for sex after a long day. Eventually, we just stopped getting intimate with one another… each withdrawing into our own world.

Apart from sleeping on the same bed each night, there was very little interaction between us. We started talking less, and quarrels became a regular affair as we blamed each other for the sorry state of our relationship.

To cut a long story short, my frustration drove me to look for answers. The changes didn’t just happen overnight, but I realized that in order to save our marriage… one party had to take the initiative to change.

I just couldn’t sit by and watch my marriage come apart!

With that, I started reading every single book about love and relationships I could get my hands on. I started trying out the techniques in these books with my husband… who fortunately was receptive! With much effort on both our parts, we were able to salvage our marriage and make sex a regular affair once again!

If there’s anything I learnt from this unhappy episode in my life, it’s that one party must first take the initiative to change. Things don’t automatically get better if you ignore your problems… or pretend they don’t exist.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that there were so many times I felt like straying… especially when men outside my relationship were constantly dropping me signals! My husband later admitted that the temptation was unbearable for him as well.

Don’t make the same mistake as we did in the early days…
The Lack Of Sex Is A Red Flag
That Something Is Wrong With Your Relationship!

Please… don’t make the mistake of pretending that everything is fine, or that things will soon become better. Relationship problems don’t just disappear because you pretend everything is alright. In fact, the lack of sex may point to deeper issues within your relationship that need to be addressed right now.

Over the years, I’ve met many men who have lost all hope in their relationships. They don’t think it’s possible for them to get intimate with their lovers again. They don’t think hot regular sex can become a reality for them… and they’re half right!

Hot, regular sex cannot be a reality for you if you are not willing to change. But if you’re willing to take a few simple steps to reverse the downward trend of a relationship… things can become better starting tonight!

Let me guide and show you how to make DIRTY sex a reality in your relationship!
Introducing The Sex Starved Couple:
Naughty Secrets To Reignite & Revitalize Your Sex Life!

My 1st ever full-blown course for reviving sexless, love-dead relationships… guaranteed!

As you may know, I’m the author of numerous best-selling books & courses on having better sex. I’ve written about almost every sex topic imaginable… ranging from red-hot oral sex techniques to liquid female orgasms.

Despite writing all these popular courses and receiving glowing testimonials about how I have changed people’s lives… something still bothered me. No matter how simply I explain a particular sex technique or method, there is still a group of men who can’t put it into action.

They would write to me, saying… “Gabrielle, all your methods work if I’m already having sex with my lover. But my lover doesn’t even allow me to touch or get close to her nowadays… What should I do? How can I even get started?

If this sounds like you, then…
The Sex Starved Couple Is
Just Right For You!

My latest course, The Sex Starved Couple, is specially written for those who…

Have been in a relationship for a while and find things not as hot as they used to be

Hardly have sex with their lover any more

Want to get intimate with their lover but don’t know how to broach the subject

Face constant rejection from their lovers when asking for sex

Find it difficult to perform in bed

Find their relationship laden with quarrels and other “trust” issues

Find their marriage on-the-rocks…

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading!

In fact, I devote a large part of my new course to restoring the glow in your relationship. If your love life is far from rosy and suffering from years of neglect or trust-based issues… then The Sex Starved Couple can show you how to turn things around faster than you imagined possible!


The 7 best attitudes for a happy, fulfilling relationship, according to sex expert Dr. Susan Perry – Yes, these attitudes can actually be cultivated! (Page 12)

How to handle the disappointments in your relationship… and the problems that can crop up from time to time (Page 13)

The 3 magic ingredients you need to build a strong and healthy, sex-filled relationship! After working with so many couples over the years… these are the 3 crucial things you need. (Page 14)

This 10 question Couple Bliss Quiz on Page 15 can help predict where your relationship is heading… and it’s eerily accurate!

10 pleasure-killing myths about sex that prevent you from enjoying hot, kinky sex with your lover night after night (Unless you overcome these mental barriers you have… you’ll never be able to make the leap in real life!) (Page 18)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

Why watching more romantic movies or television programs will NOT make your sex life sizzle. In fact, it can have the opposite effect! (Page 18)

Have you ever fantasized about someone outside of your relationship and felt guilty about it afterwards? Or perhaps your lover did and you feel betrayed or angry. Find out why this can be good for your sex life on Page 19!

What to do the next time you get into a mood-killing argument with your lover – Instead of being reactive or defensive, this is what you should do instead… (Page 20)

The 4 problematic relationship types that you should be aware of – All problematic relationships stem from one or more of these root causes. Find out how you can overcome them on Page 21!

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

Do you see your own relationship as “special” and “different from others”… and then see your world crumbling down as problems start to emerge? Find out how to deal with this reality shock on Page 20.

What you should do in a relationship where your lover is superior to you in almost every aspect (looks, career, friendships)… and you are constantly living in her shadow (Page 21)

How to cope with the constant cat-and-dog bickering which you have with your lover – If you’re sick & tired of all the quarrels and want to walk away from it once and for all, the steps on Page 21 may help.

How to deal with the endless power struggles in a relationship… (Page 22)

What to do if your spouse does not TRUST you… due to something that happened in the past. Here’s how you can slowly regain her trust and make her open up to you… (Page 22-23)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

What to do if your lover does not feel emotionally secure to open up to you sexually… and how to make her do it at will! (Page 23)

How to deal with pesky jealousy issues in a relationship. If your relationship is constantly plagued with jealousy issues… this may just help. (Page 23)

How you can open up and be completely comfortable with your lover – Opening up is often the first step to great, uninhibited sex! (Page 23)

The 7 steps to send the right sexual cues to your lover and to ensure that she responds. If your lover is constantly irritated by your demands for sex, maybe you’re not asking for it the right way! (Page 24)

5 common couple fights and how to quickly defuse them – No matter what you bicker or argue about, it’s likely to be one of these. (Page 25)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

The money fight (sounds familiar?) and how to stop it from spoiling your relationship & sex life (Page 25)

What to do if your lover does not manage to have an orgasm during sex… and is feeling irritated about it. (WARNING: If this issue is not properly addressed, your lover may not want to have sex with you in future!) (Page 25)

18 things your lover craves so BADLY from you… but doesn’t dare to ask! – These are things you can start doing… TONIGHT! (Page 26)

The P = H formula every guy must understand to get ahead in any relationship! (Page 26)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

One thing you should NEVER do in front of your lover. You may not know it, but this makes ladies scared and unhappy. Sadly, most men in a sex-starved relationship do this on a regular basis! (Page 27)

One non-sexual act you can perform on your lover (even in public!) that sets the stage for hot, rumbling sex in the bedroom later on… (Page 27)

One issue you must resolve before talking about sex in a sex-starved relationship (Page 28)

4 sentences you can use on your wife, girlfriend or lover… that will get her all warm and fuzzy inside even if she does not show it on the outside! (Page 28)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

Are you constantly bickering with your lover? Different communication styles may be the problem here. Find out which communication style you belong to on Page 29…

How to create more intimacy through your words alone – This is perfect if you and your lover are at a stage where you hardly even touch each other anymore (Page 31)

The truth about intimacy and why most couples lose it in their relationships (Page 31)

4 ways to instantly build greater intimacy… and set the stage for some wild sex! – If you haven’t had sex with your lover for quite some time… try out one of these 4 intimacy-boosting exercises first! (Page 31)

How to gradually heal a sex-starved relationship by doing this simple exercise (Page 31)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

What to do if your lover has a low sex-drive or libido… and wants sex much less than you do! (Page 34)

The shocking truth uncovered by the American Psychological Association about having sex… and how this can affect your marriage (Page 34)

Why you should stop looking at your lover’s sex drive as either HIGH or LOW. Instead, discover the 10 types of libidos an individual can have! (Page 35-36)

The problems caused by mismatched libido levels between couples, and how you can prevent them (Page 36)

What to do if there is a mismatch in sex drives between you and your lover (Page 37)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

What to do if you want sex BADLY… but your lover does not seem interested! (Page 37)

5 common reasons why your lover may not crave sex as much as you do. If you can understand and remove any one of these roadblocks, you’ll help get her in the mood! (Page 37)

One common mistake made by guys who have lovers with low sex drive.This mistake often leads to a sex-starved relationship! (Page 37)

What you should do if your lover has a low sex drive (Page 37)

One sneaky way to deal with the problem if your lover does not feel like having sex… You can do this instead! (Page 38)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to solve the problem of your lover having a higher sex drive than you! Trust me, this can be a problem as well! (Page 38)

What you should do if you have problems getting sexually aroused by your lover (Page 38)

How to move from desire-driven sex to decision-driven sex (Page 38)

6 things you should do when talking about sexual difficulties with your lover (The most important thing is to not make Mistake #1) (Page 38-39)

The 2 types of sex you can choose in your relationship. Most people choose the wrong one, which leads to them feeling unfulfilled and empty afterwards. Instead, here’s what you should choose… (Page 41)

One type of sex that women (including your lover) REALLY crave for… and men hardly give to them (Page 41)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

Why being manly or “macho” in bed can actually hurt your sex life! (Page 41)

One universal desire of women when they have sex… that they’re just not getting enough of according to Judith Wallenstein, clinical psychologist and author (Page 42)

How to greatly improve the quality of your sex by having more of this… (Page 42)

How to quickly regain the intimacy that has been lost through years of neglect in your relationship (Page 43)

Is it possible to reach that sexual peak and have awesome, tingling sex? Here’s how to know where you are on the journey and the fastest way to get there… (Page 44)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to fantasize about sex in a productive (instead of distracting) way! (Page 44)

The 5 things you must engage for great, out-of-this-world sex that keeps her coming back for more. If any of these elements are missing, it won’t be a complete sexual experience! (Page 45)

How to create the right romantic ambience that is conducive for sex! (Page 45)

How to set the stage such that your lover will agree to hot, passionate love-making with you (Page 45)

What to do if your lover is conscious or shy about exposing herself… and what you can do to help her overcome her shyness! (Page 45)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

One cheap fix I use that costs merely a few dollars… but has a HUGE impact on turning your lover on to sex! (Page 45)

How to use flavored lubricants to greatly enhance your love-making pleasure! Your lover will be impressed by the extra effort you put in… just for her! (Page 46)

Crave sex but don’t know how to ease into it? Try out my naughty “naked dancing” technique on Page 46…

How to turn your lover on with your fingers and hands! Stop using the same tricks you used as a teenager and try these instead! (Page 46)

Would you rather be George Clooney or a 90 year old Chinese emperor when it comes to sex? This answer will SHOCK and SURPRISE you! (Page 47)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to use tantric lovemaking secrets to boost your stamina and enhance your sexual prowess (Page 48)

The 4 stages of sex and which stage you should aim to be at (Page 48)

How to give your lover a sinful tantric massage… in the nude! By the time you’re over, she will be all wet and ready for you! (Page 49)

How to alternate between teasing and direct pleasure to slowly milk your lover into a pulsating orgasm – She’ll love it… especially if she has been sex-starved for a long time! (Page 50)

4 exercises you can do that can greatly increase your sexual endurance and flexibility (You can do these anywhere… even while sitting at your desk in the office! – If you’ve not had sex in a while, this can get you back in shape.) (Page 51)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

My favorite, Gabrielle Moore approved sex positions for sex-starved couples! These are my favorite positions for sex-deprived couples! (Page 52)

One simple modification you can make to the missionary position that increases her chances of orgasm by almost 56%… according to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Page 52)

What most couples are doing wrong when they attempt the missionary sex position… resulting in the woman being unable to orgasm! (Page 53)

4 steps on how you should be inside of her during sex for her maximum pleasure! (Page 53)

My G-spot trigger position that strikes her G-spot with precision and increases her chances of an intense, toe-curling orgasm! Try this if you’re feeling naughty! (Page 54)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to give her maximum clitoral stimulation while she’s sitting down… with her breasts pressing against your chest (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your lover be in control… so that she can tease the ultra-sensitive tip of your penis! Here’s the best part – She can even deliver that surprise rush of pleasure when you least expect it! (Page 55)

This sex position is perfect for sex-starved couples… It allows you to kiss and caress each other sinfully while you’re inside her! (Page 55)

One sex position which allows her to touch you all over and turn her on even more (Page 56)

This sex position allows you to mend your relationship by whispering sweet nothings into her ear while you’re doing her! (Page 57)

One incredibly kinky sex position that taps into our primal need to be in control! (Page 59)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

Haven’t made love with your lover for a while? Show her you’re still in complete control with this position on Page 59 that will leave her vulnerable and give lots of hard clitoral G-spot stimulation!

How to make love on a couch – This position allows you to DO HER right there in the living room, and play with her breasts at the same time. Please try this… it’s incredibly HOT! (Page 61)

Want to take your sex life to a whole new level? Try this mind-blowing exercise on Page 62 that will have you sweaty and fantasizing like a teenager all over again.

Why the best way to have hotter sex is NOT to have sex! (Page 63)

Ever tried sex with your clothes on? This exercise can be incredibly kinky and therapeutic. (Page 63)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

One kinky (and highly arousing) method to ask for sex from your lover… WITHOUT appearing to “dirty” or “threatening”… In fact, this method seems so innocent… you can do it right from the office! (Page 64)

Gabrielle Moore’s favorite porn DVD revealed! – Use this as a warm-up to your lovemaking… not as a replacement for sexual release! (Page 64)

8 Gabrielle Moore ways to make yourself “irresistible” to your lover! (Page 65)

How renovating a room can actually turn your lover on !?!? (Page 65)

Spicy sex recipes to bring some of that oomph back into your relationship (Page 66)

One major fantasy which women have but don’t dare to tell you… Here’s how you can fulfill it for them, starting tonight! (Page 66)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to take advantage of a routine activity your lover will do every single day… and have that lead to some hot sex! (Page 66)

How to master the art of pleasure denial… and touch your lover everywhere else except where she most wants to be touched! (She’ll be BEGGING for you afterwards…) (Page 66)

How to spice up your sex life by talking dirty to your partner – Mastering the art of dirty talk can be incredibly rewarding for your relationship! (Page 66)

How to tease your lover with nothing but your lips and tongue! She’ll love the new sensations this gives her… especially if you haven’t been intimate in a while! (Page 67)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

The art of strip scrabble revealed – Turn this family board game into something kinky… and a surprise may just be waiting for you at the end! (Page 68)

How to pleasure your lover and make her curiously wet before you’re even inside her! Follow my steps on Page 68 and she’ll be letting out those moans and whimpers before you even begin!

How to turn ordinary email into a flirting tool – You can definitely do this from the office! (Page 69)

One type of natural food that contains androsterone and can boost your libido (Page 70)

The 2 types of natural foods you can eat to enhance erectile function (Page 70)

Your diet plays a part in sexual pleasure too! Find out the types of food you should eat to increase nerve sensitivity (Page 70)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

How to naturally increase your lover’s lubrication (Page 70)

One type of natural, wholesome snack that is beneficial for the production of sex hormones (Page 70)

How the use of carefully chosen sex toys can give your love life a much needed boost! (Page 71)

What you should take note of when buying a vibrator… especially if you’ve never done so before (Page 71)

How to deal with the embarrassment issues that come with owning a vibrator – I show you an easy way to deal with this! (Page 71)

What to do if a vibrator you previously bought is not suitable for your partner… Here’s how you can do some DIY modification! (Page 72)

Yes Gabrielle I have read enough! Please help me end my sex starvation RIGHT NOW
and show me how to have hot, dirty sex night after night!

The importance of using lubricants… especially for couples who have been in a relationship for a while (Page 72)

How to use some light bondage to perk things up a little! (Page 73)

Why bondage has nothing to do with pain, whips or chains… and what it REALLY is about (Page 73)

The art of naughty bondage for sex-starved couples! Read my specially designed bondage routine consisting of whipped cream, fresh fruit and silk scarves on Page 74! She’ll be begging for more punishment!

And much, much more!
The Sex Starved Couple Is More
Than Just A Sex Manual!

As you can see, the Sex Starved Couple is more than just another sex manual filled with sex positions or mindless tips on how to pleasure your lover. It’s written with the aim of healing broken or neglected relationships … and to bring some of that oomph back into love-dead relationships.

No matter how long your relationship has been subjected to neglect… No matter which stage your relationship is currently at, the tips and techniques found in The Sex Starved Couple will be soothing balm for your lover’s wounds. These techniques work because they address the deeper, underlying issues of sex-starved relationships… instead of merely providing you with a handful of superficial tips.

If you’re just looking for a quick-fix for your current relationship… or for a sex manual that teaches you how to have a quickie… then The Sex Starved Couple is definitely NOT for you.

But if you’re committed to repairing and healing your relationship from the inside out… if you want to make your lover trust, love and open up to you once again… then The Sex Starved Couple is written for you.

The truth is – Having a relationship filled with great sex has nothing to do with your looks, age or background. Heck, you can have every limitation in the world… but if you know how to truly reach out, connect with and pleasure your lover when the occasion calls for it…
You’ll Still Be The Best Lover In Her Eyes!

If you have always wondered what some couples do to have such a GREAT sex life… The Sex Starved Couple shows you that first step. As these students of mine have realized… there are no physical or mental limitations when it comes to enjoying hot, mind-blowing sex!

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“I am 48 years old and i find Gabrelle’s advice very helpful. At least I can keep the fire burning even if my wife is so conservative when it comes to sexual matters. I have no problem giving her orgasm every time we make love, which is 2 or 3 times a week.”

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“Since I started getting your advice my sexual life has improved to the extent of my wife actually initiating sex and screaming as she climaxes regularly now. Keep up the good work.”

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“At the age of 58 I thought to know everything, allowing old wives tales to predict my performance, but Gabrielle changed all that. Its a lot sweeter, sexier and lively for both of us.”

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“Gabrielle I’d like to thank you for your daily advice. My wife and I have been happily married for 17-years and with two teenage sons, work and a busy schedule, I look forward to your advice on how to further satisfy my wife.

We men sometimes think we know it all when it comes to sexually pleasing our wives and at 44-years old I’m one of the lucky ones who’s wife is a beautiful, sexy woman in public and a freak in the bedroom. I use your advice at times to keep up with her so Gabrielle, I thank you for your info.”

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— Lula

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“You have made me(a male) and my wife more aware of G-spot stimulation and other forms of stimulation for the not so athletic older couples. The G-spot info has been very useful. Thanks for your help at this time in my life. (I am 76, my new wife is 74)”

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“I am approaching 60 years old. After ready Gabrielle’s articles, my sex life definitely took a change for the better. Gabrielle’s advice is straight forward, no punches pulled and has helped my sex life improve. I would recommend her knowledge to any couple.”

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“My wife has a 13 years older than I am and has had a lot more experience in the sex department than me. So I brought your book hoping to improve my technique. All I can say is that she thinks she’s having sex with someone older and more experienced every time we make love and it’s great. With your tips and ideas, you’ve helped me level the playing field. Thanks!”

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Sex positions that can greatly facilitate simultaneous orgasms

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Trust me, as someone who was previously in a sex-starved relationship… I know how desperate or helpless you feel. But I also know how the answers you’re searching for are within your reach. Thousands of others who have read my books have gone through the same path before you and emerged victorious.

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