Gabrielle Moore – Wet & Wild

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Gabrielle Moore – Wet & Wild

1 eBook – PDF, 1 audio – MP3

If you like it wet – get ready for a gusher! This little known skill can add an entirely new dimension of excitement, fulfillment, and eroticism to your sexual union.

Put this together with your Hot Licks skills and get ready for a major eruption of her love juices. She will be amazed and so will you!

• The truth about female ejaculation, how it happens, and why hardly anyone knows how to do it. YOU will know, because I’ll show you exactly what to do! (This is how you take your lovemaking to the highest level yet—you’ll be one of the few in the world who understand this secret turn-on.)

• Vibrating your way to her ejaculation. Exactly what kind of vibrator you should use, how to use it, and why she’ll be thrilled out of her mind when you do! (HINT: This only works with the right kind of vibrator so don’t try this until I show you what do OK?)

• The secret “hand job” strategy to make her come manually. You’re going to feel sexy, strong, and powerful when you do THIS to her! (WARNING: This should only be used at certain times, so be sure you follow my instructions to the letter!)


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