Ged Sumner – Body Intelligence Meditation: Finding Presence Through Embodiment

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 Ged Sumner – Body Intelligence Meditation

Finding Presence Through Embodiment

Ged Sumner introduces the unique Body Intelligence form of meditation which creates a deeply felt connection with the physical body.

The exercises and meditations inspire readers to take time out from the stresses of modern life, and helps them to tune in to subtle states of life that lie within the body. Pathways are provided to access different levels of connections, from the powerful, collective wholeness of the diaphragm to the calmness and flow of the fluid body. With a little practice a deep relationship and awareness emerges.

The innovative methods Sumner describes allow practitioners to open up their awareness of the body’s sensations, bringing about a powerful sense of presence and experience of the now. This can lead to remarkable meditative states of bliss, energy and trauma resolution.

An original approach, this book will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in meditation, particularly practitioners of craniosacral therapy, chi kung, martial arts, shiatsu, yoga, Rolfing, massage and anyone who uses meditation to deepen and support their practice.


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