George Hutton – Wealth Hypnosis

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George Hutton – Wealth Hypnosis

You are a wealth creating machine. Mother Nature has been busily programming the DNA of humanity since the dawn of time to create more wealth.

Wealth, of course, is not money. It’s things. Tools. Equipment. Art. Music. Science. Things that make our society something to live in. Something to enjoy.

Things you are capable of creating.

Since the dawn of time, men and women have been increasing our wealth generating capabilities. One quick look through our past history shows this.

New developments in science, art, medicine, and even the very nature of society itself show this to be true.

You know on a deep level, you are destined for much more than you’ve realized.

You recognized this as you look around you. You feel you are achieving much less than your potential.

And you’re right.


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