Get the life you want – Richard Bandler – Ebook

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Get the life you want – Richard Bandler – Ebook

Richard Bandler is known worldwide as the cofounder of neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Here, in what will be considered a classic, is Bandler at his best—the most accessible and engaging work yet, detailing his proven methods that have freed tens of thousands of people worldwide of their destructive habits, phobias,and fears.

When conventional therapy and drugs fail, Richard Bandler delivers, often with miraculous results. Richard Bandler cocreated the field of NLP with John Grinder in the early 1970s. Since then, Bandler’s work revolutionized the field of personal change; his models and methods have been widely adopted and used successfully in colleges and universities, therapists’offices, professional sports teams, and businesses across the globe.

While many people have written books on NLP, much of what has been written is based on Bandler’s ideas. Get The Life You Want shares ‘the how’ from Bandler himself, with remarkable insights into some of his greatest and most advanced work to date, including compelling true examples from client sessions. With more than thirty exercises that promise rapid relief from any problem or habit, plus a glossary of terms and a detailed index, this is a culmination of a lifetime of work written in a simple, engaging style that both clinicians and laypeople will find effective.


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