Glenn Livingston and Terry Dean – The Total Conversion Code

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 Glenn Livingston and Terry Dean – The Total Conversion Code

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  • Finally, A Fully Documented, Step By Step, A to Z, Internet Conversion System.  Simply organize and feed back your customers’ own words in the correct order, following the detailed steps we lay out.
  • Find dozens of easy-to-patch “conversion cracks” on your site in under 15 minutes, using our 15 point, laser focused cheat sheet! (Each and every “crack” is a unique chance to increase your profits… and most you’d never guess on your own)
  • 23 Ways Web Strategies Differ for Ecommerce, Information Products, Services, Physical Products, B2B, B2C, PPC, SEO, Social Media, High Ticket, Brick-and-Mortar, and Affiliates…Your Business IS UNIQUE…Little Variations Drive Success in Specific Business Types
  • 8 tested and proven, unique ways to boost conversion with video – (Plus, discover the 7 conversion-killing-money-sucking-black-hole-video myths before they destroy your confidence)
  • The single most powerful formula for high click-through subject lines: We analyzed hundreds of broadcasts amounting to more than 12,000,000 opt in emails sent.  Discover the simple formula which drives the top 5% of performers!  (Plus, freely steal any of our 38 best subject lines for your own use)


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