Glenn Livingston – Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secrets

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Glenn Livingston – Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secrets

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Whether that “1 in 2000” customer goes with you or your competition will be THE difference maker in your business, long term.  Why is no one talking about this?

Dear Friend,

Most marketers ignore hyper-responsive buyers.

That means you can make a LOT more money with less effort if you know how to sell to them, even in brutally competitive markets.

Here’s the simple math:

THE 80/20 RULE: 80% of profits come from 20% of customers

THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED: you can apply the 80/20 rule to the TOP 20% of customers too.  Without getting too caught up in the math (e.g. 80% x 80% = 64% and 20% x 20% = 4%, etc)… about 5% of buyers drive HALF the profits

THE 80/20 RULE SQUARED ON THE INTERNET: 5% of BUYERS may drive HALF your profits, but only 1% OF VISITORS BECOME BUYERS on most sites.  1% x 5% = 0.01 x 0.05 = 0.0005 … or ONE OUT OF TWO THOUSAND VISITORS

But you really don’t have to understand (or agree with) my math in order to make more money with the information right here in this letter because:

Whether your a solo entrepreneur on a teeny tiny budget, or a Fortune 100 company with a Billion dollars to spend on advertising…

Whether or not you’ve made your first dollar online…

And even if you (heaven forbid) decide NOT to become my customer…

If you’ll just entertain the idea that a small percent of special visitors drive a large percent of profits then these 5 Tested and Proven Hyper Responsive Marketing Principles below can make a dramatic and immediate difference in your business:

Dr. Glenn Livingston’s 5 Little Known
Principles For Getting Hyper Responsive
Return On All Your Advertising Dollars

#1 – It’s All About The Hyper Responsive Customer

It’s crazy.   Most marketers lump their best customers in with all the rest.

All their advertising, products, price points, market research, customer service, follow up systems, and sales are targeted at one “big glob” of people… as if no customer was any more important than any other.

So I want you to forget what Mom said about loving all your kids equally because in business, you’ve got to play favorites!   Otherwise, you’re giving WAY TOO LITTLE ATTENTION to the people who put the most food on your table.

Now, I know some people worry If you focus on a small group of customers you’ll cut your volume and profits.   But it’s actually just the opposite when you’re talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE customers.

Because they’re the ones who really know what makes the WHOLE market tick.   Sell to them and watch the rest tag along.    Hyper-Responsives mean EVERYTHING to your business.  Find out who they are, how to reach them, and exactly what they want.  Then just give it to them.

#2 – Hyper-Responsives Buy “Real Points Of Difference”

Hyper-responsive customers search hard for solutions and educate themselves to the hilt because they’re looking for a deep relationship with a vendor who can provide DISTINCT ADVANTAGES they can’t find elsewhere.  Find out what needs your competitors aren’t addressing and hammer home your ability to do so.  Do it right and you’ll be the only one in your market to offer these real points of difference!

#3 – Hyper-Responsives Have Huge B.S. Detectors

You may have heard the common wisdwom:  “people buy for emotional reasons then justify their purchase with logic”.  But what no one tells you is that the emotional buttons you push have to make sense given what you’re selling … or else you’ll UN-SELL the customer.  (Studies have shown it’s possible for bad advertising to actually reduce sales)

It’s true.  Link real human needs to a real product or service feature and you’ve got something.  Otherwise it’s just hype… which is a nice word for bullshit.  And Hyper-Responsive customers have HUGE B.S. detectors … so you’ve really got to get this right!

#4 – Use Hyper-Responsive Buying Language:

You’ve probably heard how important it is to use the customer’s language, not your own.  This isn’t news, even though hardly anyone does it.   But I’m talking about something WAY more powerful.

I’m talking about HYPER-RESPONSIVE BUYING LANGUAGE … the language people use when they’re in heat and ready to buy, NOT when they’re “kinda sorta thinking about it”.  And only the most responsive people in your market can give you the hottest buying language.  Capture hyper-responsive buying language and use it in ALL your marketing and advertising efforts.

#5 – Always Estimate Advertising Risk

Always estimate your cost per visitor, per lead, and per sale BEFORE you invest a fortune in product development and marketing.  There’s just no excuse for risking a fortune in any venture today, especially online.  I’ll show you how to use simple surveys, and free/low cost internet tools to minimize your advertising risk.

Put these 5 principles together and you get…

My Golden Rule
“Sell Distinct Advantages to Hyper-
Responsive Customers Using Their
Buying Language And Emotional Values”
(And estimate your costs first!)

Makes sense, right?

When you look back on what you’ve learned from me in 12 months or 12 years, you’ll think of me as the guy who gave you the PRINCIPLES which finally took you to the next level, or maybe even saved your business from drowning.

But since you probably don’t know me from Adam, you might want…


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