GunWitch – Seduction MMA

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Seduction MMA

Tyler Durden’s comment:

“Gunwitch shows us a way to seduce WITHOUT having any game prepared.

Amongst many things, it shows us:
-a GREAT method of state control (going into a sexual state STOPS nervousness IN ITS TRACKS and makes you much more fluid and confident in your sarges)
-a way to generate INCREDIBLE CHEMISTRY with almost any chick outside of a group
-a way to seal the deal within MINUTES of an approach, in cases where a lone girl is approachable (IOW, SKIP the sarge!)

IMO, while its not as original as say Group Theory, given the CONTEXT of how far we’ve gone on ASF to take game to another level, it IS a very original and MUCH NEEDED contribution to our game.”

The GunWitch Method – Seduction MMA:

1. Introduction
2. Universal Understandings
3. Attention
4. Immersion
5. Science Behind It
6. Social frame
7. Emotional Stimulation
8. Sexual Arousal
9. Learning It

For direct methods check also:
Alan Roger Currie – Mode One (and other materials)
David X



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