Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Body and Beyond

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Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Body and Beyond
Most of us have a love hate relationship with our bodies and we feel like we can’t live with them and we obviously can’t live without them.

If you are open to it you can discover a whole new way of relating to your body beyond the old habits and tendencies. A way of relating to your body so that you are supporting it and it is supporting you. A way of being that both embraces the body and at the same times transcends the body.

You can discover that not only can you have a happy, healthy and fully alive body but that the body is the least of you and what you are is so much more.

In this digital course we will explore the body both from the perspective of improving how it looks and feels and how we feel inside it and that what we are is beyond the body and is in no way limited to it or by it.

As you free up your relationship with your body you will find that you can enjoy and even love it as it is now and that you can experience the open space of being that the body appears in or on.

In this course you will:
•Experience the joy of feeling comfortable in your own skin
•Rejoice at having your body feel more relaxed and alive
•Easily break old habits like smoking and overeating
•Have your body become the perfect launching pad for your ideal life
•Discover how to relate to your body so it is easier to take care of it and for it to take care of you
•Uncover what is beyond the body shinning in plain view
•And much more…

This course is for you if you simply want to feel a greater sense of well-being and joy in your body… if you have serious health challenges that you would like to support with releasing… or if you simply would like to transcend body consciousness and discover the whole new world that opens up for you when you do.


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