Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Fearlessness

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Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Fearlessness
A New Teleconference!

Fearlessness: A New Sedona Method Teleconference

What would it take for you to live your life with fearlessness in every situation? Do you think living fearlessly might change the quality of your life…how much you accomplish…your sense of joy and adventure… your feeling of well-being?

Using all Sedona Method techniques for letting go of fear, anxiety, panic, general unease in living and being in the world—with everything from dealing with daily life to the great leap into the unknown—has helped people live with greater ease, confidence and trust, and far greater courage and fearlessness than they ever thought possible, for over 30 years. With the introduction of The 5th Way you discover that the body, mind and world are appearances in or on that which you are and all fear naturally dissolves.

Join me for my new teleconference, Fearlessness which will assist you in recognizing your own true nature which is already fearless and free you from the traps and snares of the mind that keep you stuck, afraid or languishing in your life. We will use a variety of Sedona Method techniques with an emphasis on The 5th Way to cut through anything that stands in the way of you standing fearlessly in your life.

Six 2-hour teleconference sessions on Wednesdays April 21st , 28th and May 5th two sessions each day. There will be a live video feed and the class will be recorded and made available only to participants.


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