Hale Dwoskin – Sustainable Success

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Hale Dwoskin – Sustainable Success


are pleased to share this new program to help you:

Discover true success and abundance
and have it as your everyday life

→ Happy, loving, healthy, and supportive relationships

The old paradigm for success is putting relationship second and success first.

When you sacrifice the health, well-being, and happiness of those you care about in order to be more successful, you do not have true success. And certainly not success that lasts.

True success is nurturing and caring about those that you love. It is also allowing yourself to make the time for them in your life. And to give yourself permission to have people who care about you as well.

→ Taking care of your body

You only have one body. You’re not going to get another in this circle of life. Your body is your temple, and when you don’t tend your temple you have no place to celebrate the radiant light of being that we are.

→ Building and conserving your life force

When you learn to conserve your life force and even build life force, you create a success that is lasting, enduring, and sustainable. It supports you long into the future.

→ True lasting happiness

Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind the Sedona Method, used to say: “The best measurement of our intelligence is our ability to be happy.” This is also one of the best measurements of success.

→ And yes, money and material abundance, is part of the definition too. Success does not mean being poor.

Other aspects of success include endless love, you are enough, cooperation with higher power, welcoming what is, telling the real from the unreal, focus, positive well, integrity, living life now, loving kindness, be open to what comes, give from the heart, moving from inertia to action and then action to harmony, liberation…

As you expand your definition of success, you will find that your whole life perspective changes and everything seems easier and more available. Yes, that means material wealth and abundance, too.

You’ll discover why Lester used to say: “even the most impossible becomes completely possible when you’ve fully released on it.”


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