Hans Jakobi – Real Estate Secrets

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Hans Jakobi – Real Estate Secrets

Hans Jakobi – Real Estate Secrets – Part 1/3  4 eBooks (PDF) + 6 CDs (MP3)
Hans Jakobi – Real Estate Secrets – Part 2/3 8 DVDs (AVI)
Hans Jakobi – Real Estate Secrets – Part 3/3 7 DVDs (AVI)

Super Secrets To Real Estate Wealth Course

This Course Could Change The Way You Think About Real Estate Forever!

A revolutionary and comprehensive course in profitable real estate investment, which gives you success techniques and proven formulas for do-it-yourself property acquisition and management. The course is delivered on CDs, DVDs and in printed form and is easy to follow and understand. Best of all, you can go over it as often as you want.

This course also covers areas such as:

Financing your investments

The legalities of property investment

Tax planning and minimisation

Self managed super funds

Asset protection

Estate planning and wills

The pitfalls and traps to avoid

This unique course has the power to turn YOU into a property investing dynamo in no time flat, whether you’ve been an investor for decades… or just days.

It’s unlike anything that has ever been created in Australia before. There is nothing like it anywhere. It’s the most cutting edge, practical and PROVEN ‘down-in-the-trenches’ program you’ll ever see.

With this new home study course, you’ll be able to go out into the ‘field’ with me, Hans Jakobi, and watch me search for real estate, analyse deals, conduct property inspections, interview real estate agents, tax specialists, asset protection experts and financiers… and… actually purchase real estate LIVE!

It’s BETTER THAN Going To A Seminar Because You’ll Have This Information Right At Your Fingertips To Refer To As Often As You Like!


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