Hari Swaminathan – Volume Analysis – Smart Money

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Hari Swaminathan – Volume Analysis – Smart Money
If you can spot and track “Smart Money” you can trade in harmony with the money flow. Volume analysis is a key skill.


Volume is perhaps the most under-rated indicator in the markets. Volume shows the activities of the big hedge funds and proprietary desk traders, players we often refer to as “smart money”. Good volume analysis shows critical points at which markets turn around, when activity levels are low or high or when smart money is active or inactive. In this course, we analyze various stock charts, and combine volume analysis with price action. Volume also provides a storyline to the markets. Constructing this storyline correctly is critical in terms of trade entry and exits.

Smart Money or Big money has always tried to (legally) manipulate the markets to their advantage. Their goals are to conceal their activities as much as possible. But Volume is one indicator they cannot conceal. In many ways, this course levels the playing field for the average retail investor. Once you take this course, you’ll know what to look for, and you’ll be in a position to track smart money as they’re entering a Stock or they’re running for the exits. And your objective is to “follow the smart money”. When you position your trades in harmony with the money flows of smart money, you’re adding a whole layer of high-probability characteristics to your investing activities.

This is an exciting course !

What you will master

Why is Volume the most under-rated indicator
Identify the activities of smart money precisely
“Swim with the tide” – increase your odds of success
How to read long term and shorter term charts
Identify points of major market reversals (before they happen)
What is Distribution and Accumulation
Put short term price action in context of longer term charts
All of this explained in simple terms
Study of various charts on various timeframes

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 13 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
Understand the importance of Volume analysis when trading the financial markets
Why the activities of “Smart Money” is revealed through Volume analysis
How can we track “Smart Money” in all major stocks and indices
Take your analysis skills to cutting-edge levels
Position your trades in harmony with the “money flows”
Become an expert in Chart reading skills


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