Into This Moment Level One Home Study Course Barbara Robins

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Into This Moment Level One Home Study Course Barbara Robins

Barbara Robins – Into This Moment Level One Home Study Course

“Immediate Results, Even for You!”
Efficient . Fast . Thorough

Distance healing with on the spot results. This course shows you how to access the information you need faster, by bypassing your blind spots, mental editors, and conscious awareness, and connects you directly to True Awareness. You will easily learn to turn on and off your bioenergetic switches to feel better immediately. You will be able to help your family and friends as well as yourself. And, enjoy unsurpassed new skill and empowerment from this very first course.

A great course for non-healers as well as seasoned practitioners. Even 12 year
olds easily learn it.

What You Receive:

Clear, simple to follow written instructions

All the vital information from the 2 day workshop

30 testing charts. Same ones from 2 day workshop.

2 Recorded Q&A sessions with energy corrections running in the background.
Monthly Tele-Practice Sessions

Here’s some of what you’ll be able to do
with ITM 1 Home Study Training:

Increase Confidence

Eliminate Physical Pain

Correct Money/Finance Issues

Improve Relationships

Release Creative Blocks

Resolve Learning Problems

Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Tension

Clear Fears, Phobias and More…