James Fitzgerald – Optimum Performance Training

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James Fitzgerald – Optimum Performance Training

Optimum Performance Training was started by James Fitzgerald, an ex Crossfit guy, and his certification program is probably one of the best out there in the strength and conditioning community currently. These videos are from the Level 1 Assessment and Level 2 Program Design components of his Certified Coaching Program. Anyone interested in weightlifting, crossfit, sports strength and conditioning, and physical assessments will learn a lot from these videos.

The Assessment Module from Optimum Performance Training:

Assessment Module Registration

The assessment level 1 course is the prerequisite to the program design level 1 module in the OPT CCP courses. In the assessment course, you will learn the importance of client assessment and data; which includes how and why to screen and assess clients or athletes through the use of the OPT Summation Scoring System. Additionally, participants will learn to use standards and norms for structural balance and work capacity testing, which will aid in determining the appropriate way to analyze a client for future planning, programming and periodization which will facilitate long term athletic development.

1 – Summation Scoring System
2 – Intro to Physical Assessment & Squat Assessment
3 – Single Leg Assessment
4 – Upper Body Push
5 – Upper Body Pull
6 – Assessment Bending
7 – Core
8 – Movement Analysis
9 – Work Capacity
10 – Assessment Course Summary

The Program Design Module from Optimum Performance Training:

Upon completion of the level 1 assessment course, the program design course will detail how the data obtained from the assessment can be used to plan and design safe and effective training programs based on individual and specific client needs. Upon completion of the course, participants will have a thorough understanding of energy systems, and be able to coalesce them into a program, have knowledge of different training tools to prescribe skill based versus intensity based training sessions, and understand the science behind reps, sets, tempo and rest. Planning, prioritizing, and periodizing are the three major concepts we teach that will upgrade a randomized training program and allow the participant to coach with true progression.

1- Weight Training
2 – Energy Systems
3 – Energy Systems Applications
4 – Priorities
5 – Planning
6 – Periodization


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