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1 M2TSs 98 MP4s. 14 MOVs. 69 m4vs. 8 PDFs. 3 XLS. 14 DOCs

There is no full sales page for this as you can not get details of it except for on a sales call with one of their sales team. There are updated versions of the core training of ecom hacks, along with additional bonuses and training only available for their elite students (including twice a week live training recorded through the end of April 2019)

This is an updated version of eCom Hacks and includes the Elite student bonus training (and bi-weekly multi-hour support calls).

There are TONS and TONS of real world “help me with my exact problem” scenarios in those videos that are fantastic for diagnosing what may be going wrong. There is probably 10x the value in those training than in the core training and bonuses themselves.

Jared had the #2 Shopify store behind Kylie Jenner in 2017. Mike Long of OMG has also partnered him to put together an eCommerce email training course as part of the $2000+ eCom Hacks Academy training.

The core training he offers runs about $2500.
The elite version runs between $6,000 and $7,500k depending on what’s worked out with the phone team.

The updated training with the Elite Student Masterminds twice a week. I’ve downloaded those elite training modules through the and of April 2019. If there is demand, will upload new ones either monthly or quarterly.

I’ve seen plenty of comments in the exclusive elite student fb group that they have gotten more value out of select ones of those training than the entire core program.

Material not included in any of his other packages are:
• 18 supplemental documents necessary to implement High Ticket drop Shipping
• A special HIT Funnel System Theme
• Jordan Belfort’s Live 4 part presentation at OMB Live
• 2 Part eCom Hack elite training from their recent 12 hour summit
• 89 Live Student Q&A sessions with their top trainers. The only students allowed to post the questions were in the elite level, so it eliminates all of the questions not better than “do I really need to be on the internet and use Shopify for my Shopify store.” These are sold, real world questions. Most of these ran between 1:30 to 3:00 hours so this is over an extra 135 hours of great material.


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