Jason Linett, Sean Michael Andrews – The Master Hypnotist Course

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Jason Linett, Sean Michael Andrews – The Master Hypnotist Course


In March of 2017, three-dozen hypnotists from around the world gathered together to live, breath, and sleep hypnosis in a Las Vegas classroom.

This sell-out event was a unique approach to learning hypnosis… both JASON LINETT and SEAN MICHAEL ANDREWS on stage, sharing real-world hypnotic experience.

This was a one-time event, yet the cameras were rolling. Now, it’s your turn to get the “Master Hypnotist” experience.

Experience this historic hypnosis event as two of the world’s leading hypnosis instructors join together. Learn as if you were LIVE in the room!

Learn from a Comprehensive Online Course Featuring 36 Professionally Filmed Lessons

  •    Instant and Rapid Inductions
  •    Suggestibility Tests
  •    How to Choose the Best Methods for Clients
  •    Mastering Hypnotic Depth
  •    The Esdaile State
  •    Hypnotic Suggestion Management
  •    Stage Hypnosis Strategy
  •    Powerful Intake Methods
  •    Standing Inductions
  •    Client Customization
  •    Reliable Deepening Techniques
  •    Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Strategies
  •    Hypnotic Pain Relief
  •    Fear-Release Techniques
  •    NLP Submodalities
  •    Street Hypnosis
  •    Finding the Best Volunteers and Clients
  •    Business Mastery

Meet Jason Linett
Jason Linett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Trainer of both Hypnosis and NLP. He is certified through the NGH, IMDHA, and IACT. He operates “Virginia Hypnosis,” a hypnotherapy practice located in Alexandria, Virginia. Jason maintains a full schedule of clients, an associate staff, and several advanced guest trainings each year.

While building a successful business is a great goal to strive toward, Jason is the most proud of his ability to do so and be at home each night with his wife and two children.

Jason Linett was recently awarded with the honor of the Ormond McGill Chair from the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Each year, more than a thousand hypnotists from all around the world collect at the annual convention in Massachusetts.  More than 300 presentations are shared.

Jason is the host of the 5-star rated “Work Smart Hypnosis” podcast now available on iTunes and online at  It’s your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success.  Check out the dozens of sessions featuring interviews, techniques, and professional commentary.

Meet Sean Michael Andrews
Sean Michael Andrews is a classically trained hypnotist and is widely known as the World’s Fastest Hypnotist.

In addition to training with legendary speed hypnotists Gil Boyne and Gerald Kein, Sean studied Ericksonian hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming with NLP co-developers Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Sean embarked on a quest to find the masters of hypnosis and learn their techniques. “I didn’t invent any of this!” says Sean. “I just learned from the best and incorporated their best techniques into what I do today.”

Today, Sean is a world leader in hypnosis, specializing in the art of instant inductions.  Sean teaches classes around the world, develops and participates in studies surrounding hypnosis, and dabbles in hypnosis stage shows.  Sean is also available as a mentor for developing hypnotists or those wishing to refresh or expand their knowledge.

Are you brand new to hypnosis? This course is for you! The only prerequisite is your own life experience. Past students in the past have ranged from 18 to 80. We’ve trained veterans, teachers, physicians, landscapers, massage therapists, scientists, firefighters, engineers … anyone interested in learning how to harness one of the best hidden tools of the mind!

Are you already a trained hypnotist? This course is for you! Both Jason and Sean have become known as resources for already-trained hypnotists looking to sharpen their skills. Are you not getting the results you’d like with your clients? Is your business not where you’d like it to be? Refocus and revitalize your hypnosis career by attending this course.

Master Training in
36 Detailed Lessons!

The Dave Elman Induction
Learn finesses on this classic process that will help you to confidently hypnotize up to 99% of the people you meet! You will learn a process-based approach that allows flexibility and creativity. When you master this technique, you can master any other hypnotic strategy out there. Learn the ins and outs of this process as well as how to use it for rapid re-inductions. You will also learn what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Deepening the State – Hypnotize with Conviction!
Clients who achieve deeper levels of hypnosis are often more likely to release subconscious resistance and achieve their goals. Jason and Sean will share with you a unique approach to hypnotic testing that convinces both you and the client how deep they were in hypnosis. Do you want your clients achieving their goals or saying “I felt relaxed, but I don’t know if I was hypnotized?” Learn with confidence how to produce hypnotic phenomena.

How to conduct multiple sessions with a client for long-term success
Learn a system of conducting multiple sessions with your clients. Changes made in just one session may be powerful, yet the odds are that they can be short-lived. With a system of conducting multiple sessions, your clients will receive better results and you ethically grow your business.

Working with Children and Teenagers
Children and teenagers respond very well to hypnosis when the right approach is used. Learn ways to work interactively with kids and experience Jason’s and Sean”s unique approach to invite the curiosity of even the most cynical teenagers. These skills can immediately help you build a successful, rewarding practice.

Hypnosis Business 101
Jason Linett has become internationally-known for his skills in building a profitable hypnosis center. He is the founder of Hypnotic Business Systems, a course designed to build the profession with effective and ethical strategies. Your skills as a Hypnotist are only valuable if people can find you! Jason is dedicated to building the profession, so look forward to him “opening up the doors” of his practice to get you started!

Age Regression
Most hypnosis courses don’t include this advanced strategy for change. Jason Linett and Sean Michael Andrews have been trained by some of the top hypnotists in the world in this technique, have personally used this technique with more than a thousand clients, and you will learn a safe, effective system for finding and releasing the cause of a client’s problem.

Pain Relief Hypnosis
The history of hypnosis dates back to names like Esdaile and Mesmer, men who were working on physical conditions and even performing surgeries without anesthesia. Ample time will be spent on how to ethically work with pain relief clients, as well as advanced applications of classic pain-relief techniques for common issues.

Stage, Group, and Presentational Hypnosis
While the focus of this course is on hypnosis for personal change, Jason and Sean bring to the class the experience of having hypnotized more than 15,000 people in stage and group hypnosis environments. You will learn a Sample Stage Hypnosis Show that you can present to friends or offer as a professional service.

Instant and Rapid Inductions
THIS IS WHY YOU NEED THIS COURSE! Learn from two of the top hypnosis trainers internationally how to instantly hypnotize your clients with a snap of a finger, the shake of a hand, and more! These techniques are a powerful model for change, and they’re practical and safe for your professional use.

Pre-Talk Strategies for the 21st Century
The “Pre-Talk” is the patter a hypnotist delivers to the client which releases common fears and misconceptions the client may have about the process … but did you know that most hypnotists may be causing more harm than good by delivering their pre-talk incorrectly? Jason and Sean have both developed a powerful, brief Pre-Talk strategies that get the job done, but also excites the client to experience hypnosis!

Introduction to NLP Techniques
As the founders of NLP were modeling the world of renowned-hypnotist Milton Erickson, it is essential your course introduce the themes of NLP. Master rapport with your clients, produce deeper change, and expand your toolbelt of techniques.

Waking Hypnosis
What if the words you say before and after your session can be just as strong, if not stronger, than those spoken during your hypnosis session? Learn a unique three-step process to start using waking hypnosis to enhance your results. As a BONUS, you will learn real-life applications of this technique which you can put to use in your personal life!



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