Jason Loucks – 7 Day Sale

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Jason Loucks – 7 Day Sale


9 Audio CDs [MP3] + 1 CD (DATA) + 1 Manual

In his new Selling Houses Fast in Slow Markets Ron Legrand himself recommends this course as the completion to his course and even has Jason speak for about 2 hours about the 7 day Sale.

The 7 Day Sale Event CD’s and Manual will show you . .

How People All Over the Country Are Using My “7 Day Sale” System to Sell Their Houses In 7 Days or Less, For Top Dollar, With No Agents or Commissions, In THIS Market!

How to Make All the Money You Could Ever Want From Real Estate Investing, and Still NEVER Make Another Monthly Payment EVER AGAIN!

How to Sell Your Short Sale Deals and Pay Off the Bank Using Your Buyer’s Money… and Get Cash at Closing!

How to “Control Without Ownership” to Cash Big, Fast Paychecks From Beautiful Houses in Beautiful Neighborhoods In Just Days, With No Credit, No Risk, No Owner Financing and No Asking for the Deed!

How to Make $10,000 – $20,000 or More Each Month, From the People Who DON’T Buy the House!

Why You’ll Never Need a Real Estate License to Sell All the Real Estate You Could Ever Want

This course includes 10 Cds
9 audio CDs, 1 forms CD, and Complete Manual

CDs are:

Jump Start CD

What are we trying to accomplish? CD

Buying Houses the 7 Day Way CD

6 Audio CDs


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