Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes – PEQ 1

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Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes – PEQ 1

I’ve found that most business owners and managers are somewhat out of touch with the fundamentals of how to implement great marketing. I have some discomforting news that could, (ironically), totally transform your business fate:

Despite the fact that engineering powerful, breakthrough marketing and sales programs must be your chief priority… you probably do very little with all the powerful concepts and strategies I’ve shared with you in the past. Invariably, if I sat you down right now and drilled you on the core material you’ve learned from me, I’d probably find you’re doing about 2-10% implementation of the true potential and that’s costing you a fortune!

You may disagree, especially if you’ve had success in business or used a couple of my principles to reap a handsome windfall or two. You may even think you’re a good marketer. You may not like to hear it, but I’ll prove to you in the next few pages that you still have something important… no, make that critical… to learn before your business can begin to deliver the profits you deserve.

Despite what you might think about your business-building or strategic marketing ability, you’re probably miles away from marketing greatness — and you’ll remain hopelessly off course until you recognize and fully acknowledge this simple fact :

Dear Valued Friend:

Great marketers are made, not born. It requires discipline, a precise system, and a highly strategic plan to really develop your personal marketing genius. If you want to grow your business like a weed, gain a decisive competitive advantage, attract new customers in droves, and double and redouble your profits — then you need to open your mind to one overriding “big” idea:

It’s a fact: My marketing methods can work true performance miracles for your business. But you will never reap their rich rewards, unless you develop a systematic process to strategically implement them But most people don’t know how to implement a strategic marketing system. Do you?
Secrets Of How To Manage Change

I never taught “these secrets” in my books or live attendance programs. I always focused most of my attention to instructing you on all the different techniques, concepts and choices you could apply. I left it up to you to decide how to implement or combine them. I’ve now concluded that wasn’t the best thing for you. You need to have a powerful “new” opportunity system in place to drive and sustain your marketing and sales performance.

But it’s more than that. We’ve learned, through detailed experience recently, by getting deep with several highly Abraham-trained business owners, that you have desperately needed something all along that I was simply not supplying — without it, my powerful methods didn’t have a chance of working at anywhere close to full capacity for you.

What did you need so desperately? A turnkey system on how to manage change — so that it is not a maybe, but instead becomes a company-wide certainty. You need a results-certain, turnkey process for how to RUN your company for peak profits. You require an action plan for how to get in there and dig deep, yet not have to spend another 20 hours per week doing it. And finally your business vitally needs a proven procedure on how to do it with minimal time (how about a mere one hour per week), but maximum effectiveness.

Even if you’ve made a million dollars from a windfall application of one of my ideas, you haven’t begun to realize your business’ true profit potential. This letter will show you how.

“From Jay, we’ve gotten a zillion great ideas to grow our business. From Chet, we’ve learned the discipline that allows us to get those great ideas implemented and integrated throughout the company.

It’s not easy growing a 50-year-old firm in a flat economy. But, using some of Jay’s and Chet’s strategies, we increased our revenues by 26% last year and are on pace to meet similar growth targets this year, as well.”

Howard J. Wolff
Senior Vice President and Worldwide Director of Marketing
Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo
Honolulu, HI

Right now, there’s more competition, but there’s also more weakness in your market! There’s more complacency. There are more “dispirited” entrepreneurs, which means it’s a great “reactive” playing field out there for you to dominate. The difference between the way most businesses work and the way a strategic business works is like the difference between solving your problems before they happen, in a proactive manner, or scrambling to band-aid them each time they break down in a reactive temporary manner.

You’d better hope your competitors don’t use the “pre-emptive wizardry” we taught at the PEQ. They’d steal away all your clients in no time. But if YOU use these methods, instead, you will radically outperform your competitors, take their clients away at will and get whatever market share IS available during these tough economic times (and it’s probably a lot more than you might imagine). And I’m going to give you a great deal of this insight, right here, right now, in this document. So please read on.
Great Marketers Are Scientists, Not Artists!

Fortunately, great marketing is more science than art. And, like any scientific endeavor, the better your processes, procedures and techniques, the better your “end result.” I believe that every business can experience unparalleled growth, especially today. No matter how experienced or successful you are, even if your business is mature and in a constricting market, even if you don’t think there’s one iota of marketing opportunity left for you, you can watch your business be stunningly (and enduringly) transformed by my new competition-crushing system.

With the PEQ I finally found the critical component your business has been missing all the years you’ve studied my methods and ideas. At first you’ll think it’s too simple even to make that much of a difference. But, properly and continuously applied, using the simple standards I’ll share below — it works better than anything I’ve seen for getting my marketing methods turning out a constant and stunning flow of strategic breakthroughs for your business.

“When I came to my first Jay program, DPS was a company that sold all of its products through a single distributor – with their logo on our products! Not only that, but they were putting the squeeze on us to sell our product line to them for virtually nothing – and if we did not agree they would stop moving our products. We thought, ‘How in the world do we market our stuff directly?’ Being engineers (darn good ones) we did not understand how marketing worked, additionally we did not really believe that we would be able to do that ‘soft stuff.’ However, we took the company from $600K/yr to $10M in 5 years.”

Bob Berry
President, DPS Telecom
Fresno, CA

Let me try and share with you the event of the decade you missed out on one month ago… Then, after you’ve better grasped the incredibly “actionable difference” this event had over every one of the 50 previous seminars, training programs and summits I’ve held, I’ll give you the chance to experience the same transformation the 50 live participants shared — on an irresistible, try-it-before-you-buy-it, risk-free basis.

You’ll be able to try it out at a price so affordable that you should make at least the full purchase price back before your first payment installment is processed – or I don’t want you to pay for it at all!
The Difference Between Mere Profitable Windfalls And Amassing An Ongoing, Compounding Business Fortune

Each live participant at the PEQ program knew my methods already, and gladly paid the $15,000, because they’d already used my concepts to stimulate profitable breakthroughs. But each and every one openly agreed that they had not begun to fully capitalize on the power, the profitability, and the preemptive advantage my methods really offered them. Because: they didn’t have an integrated, formalized operating system in place to connect it all together. All they’d reaped before they came to the PEQ program were some short-term windfalls, instead of the major, ongoing, compounding payoffs my methods were designed to create.

That’s always been the biggest problem. I practiced what I call “buffet” training. By that I mean I give you so many choices designed to find the easiest direct application you can use to generate an instant jackpot. I felt that the easiest way to get you “on board,” ideologically, was to put a $10,000-$100,000 or larger windfall profit in your pocket right away… I incorrectly assumed you would then go back and systematically incorporate every other one of my success principles together into your own self-created optimal marketing system.

Unfortunately, I’ve never clearly explained how such a system works to you in an “easily actionable” manner. That’s because I wanted each of you to develop your own optimal strategy. But few took the initiative. That’s probably what was the tendency to seriously limit the achievements of many – if not most – of my past customers – you included.

That’s not to say there haven’t been monster successes reported. Believe me, there have been. When we stopped counting five years ago, we were over $5.5 billion dollars of documented and reported revenue and profit increases around the world. That figure probably exceeds $16 billion by now, with all the performance compounding. And it’s growing exponentially. But my customers have had to create their increases the hard way, because I didn’t give them the turnkey implementing process or operating system to integrate everything together into a high-performance money machine.
The “Method” Behind My PEQ Program

That was the whole premise of the PEQ Program, along with introducing you to nine new distinctions I’ve only recently crystallized and incorporated in my strategic thinking. Called the Nine Prime Drivers of Exponential Business Growth, I believe that these are the most “leveragable” areas of your business, and are an essential focus for every company. They are also the most frequently overlooked areas of financial opportunity in any business. They are rarely integrated in a strategic manner.

I brought the finest systems and planning mind I know to collaborate with me for 42 hours of non-stop training, built around planning, processes and profit-certain procedures… all designed to maximize the performance of your business.

It was an event that my pen is incapable of accurately describing – it was that powerful! The real power came from the collaboration between Chet Holmes (the famed Fortune 500 strategic trainer) and me. We worked together for six months in advance to create a fast-paced, seamless program to teach you the first-ever “master level” operating system that transforms my methods from static tactics into a fully integrated strategic blockbuster, high performance system.

Let me dispense with hyperbole and get right to the meat. Here’s what you’ll learn with this incredible self-study program:

Chet and I take turns, with Chet taking long, methodical segments to focus you on the key reasons your business hasn’t produced the results… or profits… or competitive dominance that it should.  He breaks it down to twelve core competencies that every top-producing company he’s ever worked with has learned to master. They are:

Your Goals

Setting and monitoring goals for each area of your company can cause 200-300% increases in performance. Do you know how to set goals, reinforce goals, support a goal-oriented environment? Chet teaches that the number one thing he does when he is hired to do large company turn-arounds, is to get everyone focused on solution-oriented goals. “The most powerful thing you can do for any company, is to help them create a goal-oriented environment.” If you’re in trouble, you’d better get this PEQ RIGHT away. It contains all the secrets to turning a company around. If you’re interested in accelerated growth and are truly serious about it, the PEQ teaches how to set up your entire organization for just such growth.


Your Time Management

Do you run your company by “got-a-minute” meetings? You know; where anyone can go to anyone else, anytime they want and have an instant “got-a-minute” meeting. That’s a terrible way to run a company. 99% of companies, particularly the entrepreneurial companies I tend to attract, are in a highly reactive mode most of the time. After you set up your goals, the PEQ teaches you how to run a company for maximum productivity, with the kind of structure that takes your business seriously. Because if you’re not taking your business seriously, then you’re playing at business and it will never be a sustaining, enduring, self perpetuating entity.


Your Planning, Policies And Procedures

Chet created a program entitled “Zero to $100 Million.” The intent of this program was to study several entrepreneurs at several different levels of growth, including those that had built their companies to $100 million and beyond.

The key ingredient to those that had built their companies over $100 million, was in the discipline of the entrepreneur more so than it was in the idea. Meaning, there are a lot of banks in the world, but only one became Citibank. The key ingredient to your greatness is in these three words (and you cannot build a great company without them): Planning, Policies and Procedures. Hopefully, you’re beginning to see that companies bound for greatness are “structured” to achieve said greatness. You’ll learn all about it with the PEQ home study.


Strategy vs. Tactics

This is huge. Now we’re going to talk about marketing. But before we begin, we need to break down marketing into several categories. The first thing to really understand is the difference between strategy and tactics.

Strategy means that you have determined, in advance, an ultimate goal you would like to achieve for each tactic.

Tactics are the things you do to achieve your goal. A tactic is a marketing effort such as:  a yellow page ad, a newsletter, a speaking engagement, a sales call, a trade show, a newspaper ad, a meeting with a new client, etc.

This was perhaps the biggest revelation to our attendees. They had never clearly thought through the ultimate position they wanted to achieve in their businesses. And if they had, those thoughts were NOT being deployed at the tactical level. If you want to be the most respected company in your market, do your tactics reflect that desire?

And they had certainly not thought through the ultimate objective they wanted to achieve for each tactic. This one single mind-set shift will make the difference between truly being the preemptive choice in your market or dreaming about it. You can read what the attendees said themselves (in this letter). They were floored.



We covered 66 primary ways to get customers. How many do you use? Three? Five? I’ve taught many ways to get customers many times before. But what I have never taught, and what was taught differently here (and with piercing effectiveness) was HOW you get the 66 different ways all functioning with the height of efficiency in your business.


Effective Presenting

Did you know that almost all of our motivation comes from things we see rather than what we hear? How effectively are you using visual aids to communicate your message to your market? How about in your promotional pieces, presentations, trade shows, retail floor space, direct mail, promotional pieces, etc? How effectively are YOU presenting YOURSELF? Learn the details from 20 years of scientific study. Don’t guess. The PEQ can transform you and your team members into master communicators.


Master The Telephone

It’s one of the most valuable weapons in today’s business arsenal, yet most of you are amateurs compared to what this session taught on using this weapon strategically. Seriously, not to be insulting, but I’ve never met anyone who could hold a candle to the techniques unveiled here from a man who has personally gotten to 50 Fortune 500 CEOs and sold them services, some of them close to $2 million. Learn how to master the telephone and you can accomplish almost anything in this world.


Get Appointments

In the last ten years, the cost to get in front of a prospect or customer has tripled. Yet, the effectiveness of marketing has declined by 50%. So you’re paying three times as much to get half the result. This session shows how you can get in front of anyone. Period. Short of the president of the United States (and this might even work with him) this segment of the PEQ program shows you that there is no one who you can’t get an appointment with if you so desire.


Follow-Up/Continue The Bonding Process

Is the follow-up in your company up to the individual moods, attitudes and skills of each individual? Or – have you designed highly structured follow-up procedures that absolutely ensure that your company bonds with its customers?


Traits Of Overachievers

This was cool. We actually had a diagnostic test that we gave everyone that determines whether or not you’re an overachiever. How about your staff? Your new-hires? Not only does this segment teach what makes someone an overachiever in business, but it sets up standards for behavior and performance evaluation in every area of doing business. This segment is an awesome experience and you’ll love it.


Hiring And Motivating

There is no way I could do justice to the impact of this particular session. Most people wouldn’t know a superstar performer if they bumped into one. Most companies don’t realize that, for every great idea you have (or I have given you), there are ten top performers out there who would love to take that ball and run with it for you.

And you can get them to work on straight commission, and this program teaches you how. Turn them into your greatest profit center instead of expense. There’s a certain kind of recruiting ad that has a virtual magnetic pull of top performers. There are three things you can do in an interview that will automatically weed out the people who will be problems later. We taught it all in this segment of the PEQ. You must have this intelligence to succeed today.


Understanding “The Sales Process”

Finally. If you don’t understand the sales process, thoroughly, then you are fooling yourself about being successful. Did you know that there are seven fundamental steps that every mind goes through in order to make a purchase decision. And learning those was one thing, and very powerful — but the greatness of this program comes as you are forced to directly identify how those seven steps relate to YOUR product or service.

This makes you a scientist, not an artist. I’ve made you the artist. Now, finally, I’m bringing you the material to make you the disciplined business scientist. The melding of left and right brain into a machine that grows revenue and runs a company like a high powered engine.

The Big Difference Between The Fortune 500
Companies And YOU

I’ve spent 15 years sharing every idea my agile mind can spawn for you. And I’ve helped my clients generate additional billions that they would not have found without me. For that I am proud. But the PEQ takes it further. This program explains the key difference between the view of a Fortune 500 company and an entrepreneur dreaming of “someday.” The Fortune 500 look at their company as an enduring, growing, priceless asset, something to be protected, nurtured, worked over with a fine-tooth comb.

If you’re only looking at your company as a source of funding your lifestyle, you can’t maximize its true potential. In the PEQ Home Study Program we’ll put your company through the PROCESSES necessary to build an empire. Treat it like a child with a soul that needs deliberate nurturing in all the key areas.
To that end:

I added a complete education on the Nine Drivers that make up the most powerful business leverage points you must concentrate on. They are:

1. Your Marketing

2. Your Strategy

3. Your Capital (Human, Intellectual, and Financial)

4. Your Business Model (Shape what you want it to be)

5. Your Relationships (Are you capitalizing on every relationship, from your clients to your vendors, to your friends, associates, business contacts and key influences)

6. Your Distribution Channels and Markets

7. Products and Services (Create constant improvement innovations and breakthroughs in this area)

8. Procedures and Processes, Policies (THIS is what makes a business that runs without you)

9. Your Ideology

Chet takes you through the key implications, nuances, intricacies and finely detailed action processes that are so critical to maximizing the marketing and revenue performance of your company, but rarely, if ever, recognized or addressed.
Process vs. Event Training

He starts by teaching the critical difference between “process training” and “event training.”  Event training (which I’ve been unintentionally – guilty of) is when you learn a new technique that isn’t integrated into your processes so that it can maintain and sustain itself. It produces tremendous results for a time, and then you sink right back into the quagmire of the status quo.

Process training is how pilots, doctors and military specialists all get expertly trained. It’s refocusing over and over again at a deeper and deeper progressive level of heightened understanding and proficiency on a critical competency — until you become masterful at it!

Throughout the program, both Chet and I show you not only how to make those ideas self-maintaining and sustaining, but how to make multiple ideas work together in sophisticated combinations to create incredible, quantum growth in your sales, profits, and business performance. Plus, you gain an extraordinary level of new found “control” you never had before.
The Big Secret In Doing A Successful Company Turn-Around

Chet has been hired to do “turn-arounds” on billion dollar conglomerates. He says that one of the biggest things he does with companies in trouble is to get everyone focused on positive goals and solving problems: Most companies in trouble focus all their energy on problems, rather than solutions. An entrepreneur in trouble will dwell so much on the problems (worrying), that their subconscious directs them more to problems than to solutions.

So if you’re in trouble, let us give you the secret right now. Put a heavier focus on solutions than on problems. That’s the first step to eliminating them.

“What did the participants experience? We came away with solutions for both our short- and long-term goals, specifically:

Solutions to achieve our short-term goals for streamlining the current organization to achieve maximum performance. Solutions to achieve our long-term goals to template the El Gaucho concept as a ‘business in a box,’ to successfully expand to multiple additional markets.”

Paul Mackay, Owner, CEO
Mackay Restaurant Group
Seattle, WA

Why Brilliant Marketing Methods Don’t Always Yield Big Results

Chet then explains why even brilliant breakthrough methods can only yield modest results in the hands of someone who unknowingly practices “event training.”  He explains the importance of revisiting the process over and over again until you build up what he calls your “subconscious proficiency,” and he gives you turnkey, results-proven systems for developing your proficiency — your subconscious competency — and vastly expanding your capability in each one of the twelve critical core competencies.
Becoming Master Of Your Own Brain

Probably the most disarmingly powerful “money connection” of the whole four-day event was the session we did on how the brain works, and how it can be harnessed to help you be more effective, creative and successful. Chet has done millions of dollars’ worth of first-hand research and has documented his experiments. Basically, we teach you how to gain control of the reticular activating system, an awesome section of your brain that most of us never intentionally use. We explain “how to ignite the furnace of your subconscious” to create outstanding motivation and change, and the exact processes you must follow to fully deploy it.

We explain why 90% of us talk ourselves into mediocrity, and how to eliminate that — instantly! We teach you how to get your mind working harder for your business, and it’s nothing more than a simple shift in the way you talk to yourself – literally. You’ll be floored by how easy – and effective – this information can be to use and apply!
Turning Strings Into Steel

Chet gives an incredible session called “Strings Into Steel.”You’ll see example after example — in the real world — that you can relate to.  We tell you what to never do before you fall asleep.  We show you what keeps working when your conscious mind shuts down, and how to use that powerful asset at a level many times greater than the performance that you’ve accepted up until now. We show you how to harness your thoughts and forge them into a powerful battering ram to burst through every wall of resistance you face.
Drive Your Business Up Many Levels

Chet explains how to create the “five critical annual goals” that will drive your business up many levels. He shows you how to figure out what level of desired annual income is truly reachable – and believe me, for most people it’s many times more than you currently accept – and we show you how to get it in the next two to five years.  We give you five things to do every month to improve your productivity. We teach you how to develop incredible laser focus, and why it’s the single most powerful concentrator of performance power to improve your tangible results.
How To Set And Achieve Lofty Performance Standards For Yourself And Your Company – And Overachieve Them!

Chet shows you how to set standards that are derived from processes. We then teach you how to make all these processes powerful, effective, and fun.

We then teach you how to think, operate and transact “proactively” vs. “reactively.” You probably don’t realize it, but most business owners function in the reactive mode, reacting and responding to the daily demands of their job. The moment you decide to operate proactively, your productivity and results increase exponentially.
Transform Your Thinking And Focus

We literally transformed the thinking and focus of every business owner and CEO in that room, in four days. The man or woman who walked out at 6:00 o’clock on Day Four was an extraordinarily different, transformed, proactive, systematic thinker now — for the first time ever – all because of what they’d experienced in this four-day program. You’ll get the same results for yourself and your business when you listen, then watch, the PEQ audio and video tapes.

We then explain a higher-level strategic philosophy — how and where to get your business far more customers or clients. You’ll learn the “true meaning” of getting customers for life. We’ll show you unprecedented new ways to treat your customers as special and how to capitalize on them more effectively. We show you how to condition your customers to buy from you more frequently. We’ll explain a powerful process to get your customers to actively seek referrals for you.

Chet explains what he calls “Fusion Marketing,” which is an intriguing parallel twist to my thinking on strategic alliances.  But it comes at the subject totally differently, doubling your understanding and ability to act on the concept.
Become Four Times As Productive!

Studies show that only 20% of your time is normally spent on the things that actually produce results. Hence, if you can focus 80% of your time on high-results-producing activities, you can virtually quadruple productivity. We show you how to do that, and more.

Chet will teach you the “Six Steps to Time Management.” He simplifies it, systematizes it, and makes it a simple thing to implement.  We’ll then explain the importance of training everyone in your company, to get your machine pulling harder and to yield geometrical results.

We talk about why you need to do regular weekly training, the best way to train your people and yourself, how to maximize everyone’s effort… and exactly how, why, and where training pays off the most. We show you various methods for training, conducting workshops, and role-playing. We show you how to build greater true value in the eyes of your marketplace from six different impact points.

If you’re reading this letter, you’re the type of person who wants to improve and grow. My question is, if the way were pointed out that would really make a profound difference, would you actually do it? This program lays it out for real. Real situations, with real companies, where this approach is producing profound results.

Tom Watson built IBM into a $50 billion business on one laser-like focus: He didn’t sell – he worked on HOW sales would be made. He didn’t program, he worked on HOW to maximize the programming effort. He was like a sculptor, sculpting his business. That’s what YOU need to be, if you’re serious about building a bulletproof business.

If you read all this and do nothing, you’re only fooling yourself. This is all based on what the best businesses do. If you want to continue to work hard for your business, instead of getting that business to work hard for you, then, by all means, ignore the things that have worked for every single company who has applied them.

“The time management section was brilliant. I can see how easily it will increase productivity, even beyond the 20% you mentioned.”

Blair Gorman
Performance Based Marketing
Christchurch, New Zealand

Planning, Policies And Procedures

To build a great organization, you have to start taking all the goals and plans and use them to create structure in your organization. One of the key traits of very successful people is that they use what we call “The Three P’s.” That’s the third competency.

A McDonald’s in Harlem runs just as profitably (and predictably) as a McDonald’s in Beverly Hills, because there is no area that does not have the procedures down to the letter. What’s more, the employee turnover rate at McDonald’s is 200% per year, but it doesn’t matter. Everything is so well spelled out that new people can be put into the system and function at an optimum level very quickly.

If you ever want to have a business that can function without you, or replace staff with people who enter the business at peak performance, right from the start, you must have excellent policies, procedures and plans.

We’ll give you a way to create 52 different standard procedures that will lock out competitors, run like a finely tuned machine and give you quantum leaps in profitability.
The Problem You’re Going To Have

Just to prove to you that we really do know what we’re saying, we will predict the problem that you’re going to have if you try to do this without a comprehensive system in place. The same problem you’ve had implementing my ideas in the past.

You will introduce this new procedure, and you will see the impact almost immediately, watching it radically improve the results (because, for perhaps the first time in your company’s history, you have everyone focused on results). Then, very quickly, perhaps within a week, no one will be doing any of it. You’ll lose steam, and the monster breakthrough it could’ve created in your organization will be thrown on the pile with so many other great ideas I’ve introduced to you. Why?

THAT’S the big breakthrough I’ve been trying to tell you about. Chet teaches more than 50 different proprietary ways to create momentum. I’ve been telling you that I really, truly, have found the way for you to become the finest run company among your competitors, slaughtering them daily in every way, shape and form.

So please, read on.

“In 1999 our sales were $2.7M. In 2000 our sales hit $5M and we are still on a fast track. When you are growing fast you have a tendency to short cut important things like setting up policies and procedures, etc… As small business owners we found ourselves wearing so many hats (because we hadn’t empowered others to wear some of them) that we were becoming worn out. We love building our business, but we were searching for ‘the plan’ to transform our business into an ‘enduring asset’ (Jay’s brilliant words)…

As a result I feel like we have information that can take us from $5M to $20M in sales, Abraham style!”

Rhonda Polhill, VP of Sales
Healthcare Partners, Inc
.Suwanee, GA

Look At Great Possibilities To Pursue

We’ll explain the power and the possibilities available to you through database marketing.  We show you how to “mine” your database (and all sorts of outside databases) to get all kinds of information and identify and apply a fresh perspective you’ve never thought of before.  I then teach you how to segment these databases, access them, slice and dice them in ways I’ve never talked about before.

We delve into the truth about advertising — what works and why – and what never to do.  We explain the most effective advertising and what it has in common from vantage points totally different than anything I’ve ever talked about.

We talk about what the best response-generating ads have in common and how to incorporate these factors into your ads.  We explain how to write a good headline.  We talk about what it takes to really be seen in the marketplace by your customers and prospects as being distinctive and desirable.

We talk about all the other unspoken, closely guarded success rules for advertising as well. We spend a huge portion of one segment on direct mail. We’ll explain about public relations, to a depth I don’t think I’ve pursued it before. For example…

We show you how to throw a bonanza event, pay nothing to do it and to establish yourself like never before from the positive effect. It’s dazzling! Put on a Hollywood-style premier in your town, have it glowingly covered by the press, and have the entire thing paid for by everyone else but you. Brilliant.

Chet asked, “How many of you here think you’ll now put on some kind (he listed ten) of a PR event to boost your popularity and positioning in your industry?” Every hand in the room went up. These are all companies that would’ve never considered doing such a thing prior to hearing how simple and cost free it can be.

We go into enormous detail on creating sales literature and compelling brochures, and how to integrate all your sales support material into a streamlined selling system.  Most companies, particularly small ones, do NOT have an integrated marketing effort — at least nothing compared to how we lay it out for you, and certainly nothing even close to making it work like the PEQ system will.

We’ll focus considerable attention on formulating your “core strategy” – how to build it, how to crystallize it in your mind and in the minds of all your prospects and buyers, and how to execute and sustain it.
Learning The Difference Between Tactics And Strategy

We explain the difference between thinking and acting strategically vs. operating tactically.  And for those of you who don’t know it, it’s the difference between night and day.  It takes a few hours to recognize what a profound and competitive difference your business instantly acquires when you start operating strategically.

But Chet walks you through the difference by expanding, then demonstrating the distinctions, first-hand.  He shows you how to replace all your limited tactical-minded thinking with a much higher level, strategic focus… and walks you through the formation of what your highest and best business strategy should be.

Then I’ll come in and spin the whole thing around, slicing and dicing it into a whole new elevated power paradigm. Teaching all the strategic objectives you have to address, then telling you exactly how to work through each factor.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Think…

Strategy: A statement of your goal and a description of the process you’ll follow to achieve that goal.

Tactics: The specific actions used to accomplish your strategic goal.

Before you deploy any of the tactics we teach you, you have to first determine the ultimate strategic objective you would like to achieve.

For example, if you have an interaction with a customer (like a sales call) and we ask you what do you want to achieve, most would simply say: “make a sale.” We challenge you to aim for a lot more.

Maybe you want to arm all your clients with better information. Remember every client you have is a potential salesperson for your organization. What do you want them to say?  Have you planted all the right strategic positioning into your tactical approach?
What Would You Say?

As another example, let’s say that I could put all of your best potential buyers all in a room all at once and then I could give you the opportunity to stand in front of them and make your best presentation to these people. This one single opportunity, if properly executed, could forever change your life. It could also ruin it, if you are not effective.

Imagine, that you had all the time you needed and this incredible opportunity to tell all your best potential buyers exactly what you want them to know about you and your business. What would you say? What should you say?

In other words, what is the ultimate position and perception you want the market to have about you and your products or services? And our question to you now is: Does your marketing today reflect the ultimate reputation or “power position” you want in your market? Have you carefully really thought about this?

If you have great strategies, great strategic positioning and your tactics are always deploying a potent little strategy, then all your tactics begin to add up to something big and impactful. Your tactics work harder and smarter for the same money if they deploy strategy every time you use a tactic. Same money spent, but much bigger result produced!

I think you’ll see, from the testimonials, that this was one of the biggest breakthroughs reported by the PEQ attendees.

“I implemented this process of cross selling on Tuesday, our first working day of the week, [back from your program] and we added an additional $10,800 to our bottom line yesterday!  Needless to say, my guys are pumped!  As one of my staff said, ‘It’s like when McDonalds asks if you’d like to upsize your fries and coke for $0.49 extra!’ Found money, yet more importantly, the clients are the main beneficiaries, MASSIVELY so.”

Adrian Low
Audio Excellence
Richmond Hill, Canada

And So Much More

We couldn’t possibly list, in a letter short enough for you to actually read, all the essential things that we cover in the PEQ Home Study Program. (You’ll see why when you read the description of the massive package you’ll receive…) Still, here are a few more of the things you’ll have available to literally explode your profits after absorbing this incredible information…

We explain how to “set the market’s buying criteria.” (This is a liberating and explosively powerful new concept we’ve never taught before.  Chet’s the only expert I’ve known to reveal it.)  We’ll teach you what your whole strategic position must be, and why. We’ll also show you how to gain “superior access” to your buyers – access that blocks out or preempts the rest of the market. We’ll explain how to figure out what market factors best support your strategic position so you can use them to maximum leverage.

We explain the ultimate goal of marketing, which ironically is something I’ve always been fixated on, but never explained simply before. Once explained, everything seems to fall in line and you’re much more clear on what actions to take, why, and in what order.

We then tell you what the most potent form of marketing really is, and why… What star salespeople look like and how to find them and motivate them to perform like champion racehorses. We tell you how to obtain masterful skills in all the areas that you wish to excel in, and identify all the key areas you should concentrate on first. Then we show you how to teach the same process to all your team to multiply company-wide performance. That’s right… these systems, once installed, become a part of every employee, every customer, and every vendor. THAT is power!

We explain how to hasten (and harness) the maximum learning curve effect of any skill.  We give 52 ways to increase your learning capability and cultivate master level skills for everyone on your team.  We tell you how to get more customers for life – and we then give you the proven research that compels you to want to use our recommended methods.

Chet explains his fabulous “Dream 100 Strategy,” which is an amazing and success-certain method for gaining preemptive control of the most influential buyers in the marketplace.  He gives countless examples so that it’s easy for you and everyone on your team to apply the strategy to your own business.
Closing 9 Out Of 10

We talk extensively about what makes an effective presentation… how to increase your closing rate from 2 out of 10 – to 9 out of 10!  We reveal the most common mistakes you’re probably making right now, and how to nip them all in the bud.  We explain the pros and cons of using professionally prepared visual aids, and show how to use all the extensive research Chet has done – millions of dollars’ worth – to better drive your sales message.

We teach “66 ways to get clients” (how many ways do you have?) as a way to help stimulate even more and better approaches for capturing these clients.

“It is my goal to add $4 to $6 million to my company’s current revenue within the next three to five years and I always realized to achieve such results we need to be more pro-active in our business dealings, which we have not been able to do in the past. With Jay and Chet’s programs, however, we now have the tools to change our reactive activities into more goal-oriented activities that we can control.”

Chris Doerschlag
ALB Klein Technology Group, Inc.
Westerville, Ohio

The list goes on.
Now that you have some idea of the important material we cover, let’s take a minute to discuss how you make real progress in any company.

There is no magic trick that you’re going to hear that will radically change your life. Let’s take the “Dream 100” concept as an example. We’ve helped companies double revenues in 12 months flat by that one concept. But that concept requires constant attention. This is our whole point. You will not cause any long-term improvement in your organization without a consistently applied process.  But we teach you how to make the application fast, easy and enjoyable for all involved.
Can You Commit Just One Hour A Week?

We have tried to make this as simple as possible because we know that regular discipline is more difficult to achieve than spurts of determination. We’ve made it so all you have to commit to is one quality hour per week, and we just want to know right now…  are you going to do that?

One hour per week to work “ON” your business and you will see remarkable results. One hour per week, focusing on a different competency, a different driver, religiously. You’re going to work “ON” your business, to make it work for you.

If you haven’t been doing this and you keep coming to me for breakthroughs, you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. Everyone at the PEQ learned this, and most with a shocking realization: THIS has been the missing link to becoming a truly great entrepreneur. A person who builds a company that runs better and better, every day, week, month, year.

“We had made some bad changes to our presentation techniques that reduced our sales hit rate. The presentation showed me what we were doing wrong, and we have made corrections in the presentations…

The value for Orion is unlimited.  The immediate value is we are making corrections that will increase our success rate for now. The long term is that we will be able to push Orion’s marketing to the next level. This will grow Orion. The value of this seminar over the next year probably is over a million dollars a year.”
Paul Burck
Orion Registrar
Arvada, CO

More Amazing Research Revealed

Chet reveals fascinating and amazing research about what the eyes have to do with how you comprehend and respond to information. It has everything to do with the ultimate impact your sales message has. He shows you how to tell 40% more of your business story in the same effort by tying your prospects eyes into your selling approach and the best ways to do it.

We explain how to raise your expectations, so that customers get even more value perception out of what you deliver.  We provide all the rules for effective presentations, and give examples galore.  We show you how to take control of any meeting or interaction. We give some truly hilarious, but gripping “real-life” examples of doing things the wrong way – things that you are probably doing unintentionally right now, too!

I reveal the Twelve Pillars of Strategic Achievement, and then the Fourteen Pillars of the Maximizer Mindset essential to outperforming the competition. Chet gives his Twelve Steps to Successfully Overcoming Rejection.

Chet explained exactly how to master the use of the phone, a skill probably 2% – if that – of the business world excels at. If nothing else, gain this one ability and you will realize a decisive (and measurable) advantage over 98% of all the other companies you do battle with. Teach your team members to do it, too and your leverage just multiplied.
Traits Of Overachievers

We have a segment called “The Ten Traits Of Overachievers,” which helps you motivate yourself and your staff to behave in a way conducive to building a phenomenal reputation in your community. If you don’t get our program, you must think about the kinds of behaviors and traits you would like to promote within yourself and your staff.

“I have already begun to use the materials. The method for interviewing potential superstars was implemented yesterday and I will use it again this afternoon. I now know how to determine the superstars from the super disappointments.”
Tony Bass
Super Lawn Trucks
Bonaire, GA

The Anatomy Of The Overachiever

Then we get into deeply exploring the traits of overachievers – for two reasons.  First, whether you have them or not, you want to ensure that they’re evident in everyone you employ.  Second, if you don’t currently possess all these traits, it’s O.K.  Overachievers are not born – they can be easily made by following a proven system taught at the PEQ program. Some of the things we covered:

We give you an “actual test,” and figure out where you’re strong and where you have room to grow on the overachievement scale.  We explain the ten behavior and personality traits, and why, if you are only strong in six of them, that’s actually good news – because when you activate, then refine the other four, your performance will improve not “linearly,” but geometrically.
Read The Quote Below

We talk about how to get greater self-esteem. We talk about how the top producers use their time, leverages, their opportunities, maximize their efforts, fortify their energy, and their relationships and how to develop a formula to emulate what they do. We go into great detail explaining and examining the higher levels of empathy necessary to achieve greatness for your business or for yourself. We talk about being fanatically goal-oriented, and walk you through exactly what that means, what it requires, and the best-proven formulas and systems to follow.

Through extensive research, we’ve discovered and developed an entire process for attracting the highest level of talent for each position within a company. Sales, marketing, administration, etc. We’ll show you how to get yourself some high performers; they change everything. The PEQ attendees stated that this was their biggest area of need. Half of them didn’t even realize it until they came to the event and saw just how much more they could be doing.

“The most valuable things I came away with was how to locate, attract and hire ‘superstars’ and weekly team member training programs, both of which we implemented the first day back. I kicked off our search for a superstar on Monday and by Friday I think I found him. The process was fun and exciting! And worked like a charm! It was amazing. It showed me the total waste of time our last effort was. All this at an affordable price for a program that pays for itself.”

Jerry Bowers
Bowers Fencing & Pools, Inc.
Klamath Falls, OR

Understanding “The Sales Process”

If you analyze the steps that a prospect or company goes through in order to make a decision to purchase, and then you break down those steps, and focus on improving them, you will become better and better at the process. We teach that there are seven basic steps to every sale and we show you how to improve every one of those seven steps.

With or without our help, you need to constantly look to improve your sales process. What are the seven steps each person goes through in order to make a decision to purchase your product or service? Do you even know? How much time have you spent working on that aspect of your company?

“Our challenge in the past was that we considered so many factors and variables in each client’s situation, that ‘templating’ the process seemed difficult. Now we know how to hire the sales superstar, how to revamp the sales presentation, how to train the staff… down to the fine details, and enable us to double or triple our business in the next 12 months!”
Scott Letourneau, CEO
Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

They Were There

Let me give you some of the insights from the people who were actually in the room.

First of all, we asked the actual participants themselves what their biggest revelations and insights were from the Program.  One said, “How to recognize true performers and hire them effectively.”  Another said, “Understanding for the first time what the sales process really is, and developing the means to effectively do presentations to clients.”

Another said, “The new-found knowledge that I discovered that I can show my people in the company so that it can be implemented effectively.” To another, it was “Discovering the killer image, offering so much, so frequently in establishing the preeminent condition in the minds of my prospects.” Someone else was amazed at the “Power of body language and tonality.”
Blown Away

Yet another was blown away by what Chet taught about reorganizing marketing collateral tools which are used in presentations. The secret to productivity truly impacted a lot of them.  Creating the right structure to teach salespeople the seven steps to every sale was ranked very highly by all 50 attendees.

The big action steps people reported they took away? For the first time in their lives, they learned to be proactive and strategic. For the first time they learned how to determine their prospects’ or customers’ pain, and to utilize it in all of their marketing areas.
Finally Profiting From Strategic Alliances

For the first time, they finally understood the process – not just the intellectual mechanism – for setting up and profiting from strategic alliances.  For the first time in their lives they finally had a systematic method for implementing referral systems.

For the first time (probably in their entire business career) they were given a means to maximize their time — thus improving their productivity potential up to four times what it is now!  For the first time they learned how to target and access their best buyers and prospects.

They were taught how to set and control the buying criteria. They discovered what the real drivers and pillars of strategic achievement were built on, and how to access them.  They learned how to secure all the celebrity endorsements they wanted, and the exact process to do it.
The Advantage Of Shock Value

They were taught how to establish the ultimate strategic position for their company.  They learned the importance of research to distinguish their product or service, why research that has shock or attention-getting value is so effective and important, and how to find it.

They learned how to present the broadest possible view of their company.  They finally learned how to focus on what they wanted, not what they didn’t want.  They learned how to create and present a killer story for their company.

They learned the science of optimization.  They learned how to be preemptive.  They came away with a higher view of what their company is and should strive to be.

I wanted you to see what the actual attendees had to say, right after they returned home from the live program itself.  The questions I asked them to answer had to do with a little about them, a little about their past experience with my methods and programs, and a lot about what – exactly and personally – they felt the PEQ Program provided for them.

And most importantly, what exactly they thought it would be worth to someone like you – a Jay Abraham enthusiast who has already invested a not-inconsequential amount of money and time studying my past methods.  You’ve probably been excited by most, if not all, of my methods.  Hopefully, you’ve chosen the ones most easily usable, applied them, and reaped some nice windfalls.
But Windfalls And Jackpots Are No Longer Enough

I want everyone who’s ever invested in me to get the fullest and most consistent payoff, week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out, year-in, year-out. I want you to lead your field.  I want you to be the top producer in your business category or market.  I want you to dominate.  I want you to be preeminent above everyone you compete against. I want you to block all your competitors from ever gaining access to the market that you want to sell to.
PEQ Home Study Program Description
The First Ever Multi-Media, Three Format Home Study Set

Almost all of my past programs and home studies, are audio-only programs. Don’t worry, you get that too. But with the PEQ home study you also get the full video experience, so you can get the amazing stimulation that comes from viewing almost THREE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED visual aides. Slide after slide, thousands of them, presented at a rate of two or three per minute, each building upon the one before, each adding another shade of the rainbow of success that will become your life.
Why 3,500 Slides?

Visual aids dramatically illustrate and motivate every single point. Studies show that the vast majority of your brain is set aside just to deal with the impact of your visual experience. In fact, 80% of all motivation comes from things we see, rather than what we hear.

Go through the entire experience as if you were there, getting the same “wows” that everyone else got and watch as Chet and I hit homerun after homerun. In the comfort of your own home or office, be shifted into the homerun zone yourself, as you learn nearly 50 systematic new ways to take your business higher.

Here’s a quick review of the specific program components you’ll receive:

* The entire four-day program on quality videotapes.  With a different tape for each key subject, so you can go over and over the appropriate sections and topics, privately or with your staff in intimate detail, as required. Unlike many of my past programs where you’re searching through tapes for the key points, this set directs you, by title, to the exact segments and their specific content.

So if for example you really need help on the sales process, you can go right to that module. Or if you really need help on time management, it’s clearly marked, etc… Everything is spelled out and organized like no other home study program I’ve offered in the past.

* You also receive 30 uncut hours of quality audiocassette tapes, so you can review the entire experience on your way to or from work or in your tape player in the car, office or home. It lets you hone in on the more complex material again and again so the power of process training really takes full effect. Or so you can pass different tapes around to your staff, to cover particular strategic or implementation points you want them to learn and master. Or, if you just want the same type program in the same way as you’ve always gotten from me, it’s here on audiocassette.

You get the information in easily digestible bite size 90-minute pieces which you can easily review and process while you are “on the go.” Plus, unlike the past, these tapes are also highly organized and clearly marked for precision accessing key elements.

* Plus I’m giving you the audio experience on CDs, too, so you can listen in your car if you have one of the new ones.  You can search and access key sections instantly and re-listen to the exact segment you’re interested in every time you go to use them.

* In addition, you’ll receive more than 500 pages of detailed transcripts, so you can use this information to create memos, procedures and reports of your own. Reading it in written form introduces an entirely different portion of your brain to the material – thus layering your understanding and learning curve by one additional dimension.  It gives you an incredible reference tool rarely available. It took us three full weeks just to get the four-day sessions transcribed and tightly edited so it was a fast-paced, highly lucid, stimulating read.

Another bonus, included in the giant package is “93 Extraordinary Referral Systems.” Even if you have this program (it was a big seller), it will have ten times more impact now. It teaches you literally 93 separate, syst


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