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isten to 3 FULL days of a Stellar, Once-In-A-Lifetime event conducted by Jay for his unbelievably diverse, high-caliber guests who each paid $5,000 to attend. Only “World Class” Experts, Consultants, Specialists, Speakers, and Authors were invited…

Dear Exceptional Entrepreneur,

If you ARE a true/verifiable/authentic expert who is generating (or has generated) meaningful to exceptional income rendering your expertise either privately, for an employer, or publicly as a hired gun––I can probably add an entirely new dimension to the positioning you take, the money you make, the scope and pricing of products and services you create and offer––as well as uncover multiple new profit and revenue sources that can mine your expertise in lucrative ways you’ve never capitalized upon before.

Over the years, I’ve trained more consultants than I can count. I swore I would never again do any group consultant training programs, summits, makeovers or strategy resetting sessions again. Truth is, I got burned out doing so many of them when I was younger.

But recently, I had the need to revisit all of my foundational material pertaining to consulting mastery (as well as my more involved and high level thinking on the subject)–because my partner in Japan asked me to create a blockbuster consultant training program for 400+ consultants, trainers, speakers, and authors.

So I painstakingly set about creating the ultimate, integrative hybrid that would incorporate all the $15,000 and $25,000 consultant training programs I had done in the past––all the private extensive advisory makeover and enhancement sessions I’ve done for famous experts––and all the newly acquired knowledge, wisdom and understanding I have gained over the course of my more sophisticated and mature work with both operating entities and specialized organizations on four continents.

So I did something that––for me––was unprecedented. I held a high-level, ultra elite, 25 person beta-version gathering in Los Angeles this last January. Only serious/real/verified and validated experts, consultants, authors, trainers and specialists were allowed to attend.

The dynamic and stellar spectrum of participants in that room blew my mind.

We had half of the duo that created’s entire migration system. We had someone who swoops in to help the largest retail companies in the world figure out their vendor/supplier bottlenecks.

We had three exceptionally impressive executive coaches. We had the most prominent entrepreneur-icon in Holland. We had a copywriter from France that is the secret weapon for online marketers worldwide. We had three supremely impressive digital marketing experts. I could go on.

The format of the program was totally hands-on, totally interactive, totally individualized––in terms of the process and the learning dynamic. I would individually interact with each attendee.

In fact, I created a 700+ slide PowerPoint that I simply chose not to use. The reason was that we spontaneously immersed ourselves in a massive collection of key issues, challenges, factors, forces, impact points, psychological leverage fulcrums and positioning stratagems––all led by me, using a Socratic question focused, case study process.

I’ve never done anything remotely resembling the process, dynamic and approach I chose to do at this experimental gathering.

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