Jeff Paul – How You Can Make $4,000 A Day, Sitting At Your Kitchen Table, In Your Underwear!

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Jeff Paul – How You Can Make $4,000 A Day, Sitting At Your Kitchen Table, In Your Underwear!

“Getting involved with your course was the single best investment I’ve ever made. To this day (over 2 years later),
I still use your course darn near every week. The results of studying your material?
I gross between $30-$60
a month
with my information product. I feel a deep sense of gra
titude to your. Thank you so very
much for your help!” – Mike C. Decatur, GA.
“I wanted to let you know how you system is working for me. So far, I’ve received 78 orders at $849.00 and I
haven’t even sent out the second notice! Even though I have a practicing career, as a result of direct response
marketing, I have hired another person to treat my patients in the morning so I can run my business out of my home
on the hill; and yes, sometimes in my underwear! I’m really enjoying it. Now, I work 3 afternoons at my office
collecting $35,000 a month there, and thanks to you,
I’m on course to collect $50,000 – $60,000 a month in about
2-3 months with my home business.
Even though I’m far from an expert in lead generation, there can’t be
anything out there that a “beginner” can do with such dramatic results in such a short period of time. I really do
owe it to you.” – Ben A. Haywood, CA
” I think
the course is phenomenal
! In early January ’97 we started marketing the sales letter and by February
we’ve had $6000.00 in orders
. I wish I had started sooner. This course worked better than I expected.” Paul
C. – Superior, CO.
“Thank you! First for your
outstanding program.
The money I have made as a result of it is allowing my wife
and I to buy our first home! Second, thank you for the incredible service. I was amazed at how quickly you
responded to my questions and how friendly and helpful you were on the phone. Many companies pay lip service
to customer service but you actually follow through and do MORE than is expected” – David P. Alpharetta, GA.
“I think you’re doing a great job at teaching and supporting all of us students. I want to thank you for putting the
tools in my hands that will enable me to
the slavery of employment and make lots of money
so that I can
marry my long-suffering (3 yrs.) girlfriend. I want to be a good provider!” – Christopher B. Kings Park, NY.
“All of your honestly has paid off in every aspect. You have a very
respectable, foolproof system
that will make
out future way brighter. Your knowledge will allow us to live the lifestyle we want and give us that key to success!”
– Petur T. & Karen P., Canada
” You have given me the tools I need and the answers to a lot of questions I have pondered for what seems like
ages. I still have questions, but I know the answers are available.
There is not reason to be skeptical any longer.
Thank You!” – Jan A., Terre Haute, IN.
“You are
the most forthright, down to earth, consistent set of individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to be
acquainted with
…I’m also totally reli
eved this is on the up and up – I’ve been burned in the
past.” – Christine B.,


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