Jimmy Coleman – The Linkedin Lead Challenge

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Jimmy Coleman – The Linkedin Lead Challenge

20 Videos (MP4s)

The Founder

Jimmy Coleman created a system on LinkedIn that generated over $2,000,000 in the first year of the startup he was partner in. After seeing these methods work in the financial, coaching, IT and recruiting industries he decided to launch a separate business dedicated towards sharing the techniques that uniquely creates 20 inbound leads everyday and puts “vendors” in a position of authority to their prospects.

Train Yourself: The Linked Lead Challenge

-10 Day + 1 BONUS DAY

-About 20 minutes on instruction each day with an action item.
✔ Build a Profile That Converts: $2,000
✔ Build and A+ Network : $1,500
✔ Generate 20 Inbound Messages Day: $3,000
✔ Turn Traffic Into Sales: $2,000

Bonus Content:
✔ How to Make 7 Figures from Facebook Groups: $1500
✔ How to Make 7 figures from MeetUp Groups: $1000
✔ How to Execute Cold Email Strategies: $1000
✔ Plus more from Dana Derricks and Yara Golden: $1000


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