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Jo Han Mok – 7 minute Riches

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Dear Internet Wealth Seeker,

Well, believe it or not…

That’s really all you need to easily and effortlessly churn out “magic offers” that virtually sell themselves and can potentially make you very rich, very fast!

…not to mention supercharging your ability slam out superior cash-generating ads, websites, emails, video scripts and everything else you need written to make sales surge.


Money and success are attracted to speed… much, much, much more so than perfectionism. Besides, there’s really no such thing as “perfect” anyway.

“Perfect” doesn’t exist.

The truth is…

What I have for you here is a series of legitimate shortcuts to the copywriting process… that “amps up” your skills and have you cranking out an entire system of offers *literally* forcing people to buy in no time flat!

It’s a step-by-step, logical, repeatable system works no matter what your current skill level is…almost like pure magic!

Here’s what you get:

Shortcut #1:
7 Minute Hooks

I want you to try this: spend 5 weeks studying some of the greatest ads of all time. Look for one thing in particular: the types of stories they use in those ads.

What you’ll find is 95% of those ads follow three basic “story plots”.

Even better: break the movement of those plots down into 5 steps. Then, whenever you have to write copy… decide which of the three plots best fits with your situation… and just follow the five steps.

That’s what you get with this report. I’ve isolated the 3 most successful plots in advertising history, and then created a five step process that allows you to tap into these plots… even if you suck at telling stories.

Then, I show you how to take it even further with:

The Secret Art of subplots and how to use them to keep your reader’s attention through even the longest sales letters

2 Advanced “positioning tactics” you can use to send conversion through the roof (warning: only for serious marketers!)
How to use power verbs to keep your stories exciting and impactful
The Exact Amount of “Drama” to put into your stories
How to work in your proof, benefits and scarcity naturally into your story so it doesn’t even appear like you’re trying to sell them something (The “sneak up on them” approach!)
Shortcut #2:
7 Minute Headlines

I often can’t help but roll my eyes when people say they spend hours agonizing over a headline.

Unless you have $20,000 of ad money on the line, you don’t need to fret that much. Actually, it’s better to write 3-5 headlines, and then pick the best.

With the formula in this report, you’ll be able to do just that.

Here’s how it works.

Follow step one to come up with you “grabber”. Then add in step two to put an emotional “locking point” with it. Finally, add the “hook” in step three.

Then just write it out 3-5 different ways, and you’ll be left with a killer headline in under seven minutes.

You’ll also discover:

Why you shouldn’t use headline swipe files to help you come up with fresh headlines
The truth about how the 80/20 rule applies to headline… and how to use this to write better headlines than ever before!
The Secret Headline Writing Formula: B + ER + INC = Killer Headline
How to find your biggest and baddest benefits… and then turn them into “can’t ignore” hooks
Plus TONS more!
Shortcut #3:
7 Minute Bullets

If you want to create copy that sells, you have to learn the art of writing bullet points.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do it in one dedicated setting? Well, you can… if you have the right approach.

Here’s what you want to do: first, make sure each sales letter contains 6 specific types of bullet points. Why? Well it guarantees that your bullet points are going to hit the biggest part of your readers.

Listen. Your bullet points must be so powerful that someone will buy your product just to get the answer to a single bullet point!

And that’s why you want to use my special “hit all 6 types of buyer” approach. I have never seen this taught in any copywriting class before.

In this report, you’ll also find out:
The “Suck Method” — how to suck out all the benefits of your product then twist them into bullet points
The Biggest Mistake amateur copywriters make with their bullet points that guarantees to depress response!
The Magic Bullet Point Formula: HB + C + (1-7) = Great Bullet Points

Shortcut #4:
7 Minute Power Transitions

This was “stolen” from one of the greatest copywriter’s of all time, the late “Prince of Print” Gary Halbert.

Funny thing is, Halbert never mentioned this technique in any of his own copywriting products or his newsletter. Only the keenest copywriters picked up on it through rigorous studies.

Everyone knows the importance of a headline and subheads. But not 1 copywriter in a thousand knows about a special “third type of headline”.

Halbert knew about it, which was a major reason he was so successful.

I’m talking about this: The third headline relates to “transitions”, which determines how your copy flows. If your copy doesn’t use the proper transitions, then the reader gets bored very easily.

Now this is where is gets interesting – once you know certain time-tested transitions, it actually because easy to write copy that flows as smooth as silk.

Actually, with my 7 minute Power Transitions you can master this advanced technique without even practicing it. Just consult my list every 3-4 paragraphs, and enter the transition you like best.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Shortcut #5:
7 Minute Squeeze Pages

Here’s a neat trick: isolate the three main “approaches” for getting the most signs ups for your squeeze page.

When it’s time to create your next squeeze page, pick any of the three you think will work best.

What’s next? Write your headline using the first report, and your bullet points with the second report… and you’ll have a squeeze page in under 9 minutes that is almost guaranteed to convert at least 1 in 4 visitors.

Even better: use this strategy to quickly test different niches with affiliate products… and then redirect them right through your affiliate link. You don’t even need to create a free “bribe” to get started!

In this report you’ll also discover:

The 3 Elements your squeeze page must have if you want to meet with success
How to immediately make money from almost every person who signs up for your list
How to use the 80/20 rule to make squeeze pages that convert almost every time!
A secret “3 out of 10” ratio most great marketers follow… but aren’t even aware of! (Use this same ratio and profit from it)
And more
Shortcut # 6:
7 Minute Response Boosters

It’s best to focus on those little easy things that bring in massive results. When it comes to writing copy with a “punch,” power words are the solution.

You know what the biggest difference is between stale copy and exciting copy? It’s mostly verbs. Boring copy uses weak and passive verbs. Engaging copy uses powerful action verbs.

He didn’t talk to the crowd. he enchanted them. He wasn’t filled with energy. He pulsated with energy.

See the difference?

In this report I’ve came up with the most powerful verbs and adjectives to use in your copywriting. Things such as:
The 18 best phrases to describe “instant” benefits
The 39 best phrases to describe “without effort” benefits
The 10 best ways to describe “financial gain” benefits
The 18 best words to use to position your product as inexpensive
Over 216 other “power words” to use for terms such as lazy, increase, fail, empower, humiliate and so on.
Why you should stay away from the word “learn” in your copy, and 17 other words to consider using instead
Why you should avoid the word “pay” in your ad… and use one of these 15 phrases instead
And over 41 phrases to use instead of the words sell, buy, teach and more!
Shortcut #7:
7 Minute Optimization

In it, I’ll show you how to turn your website into an auto-evolving machine that easily cranks out maximum sales in minimum time.

For example, you’ll discover:
The one change you can make to your website right now that’ll take you only minutes to do, but could increase your sales and conversions by 300% or more!
The 3 factors affecting your website conversion…and their order of importance. (If you focus on the least important of the 3 without addressing the other 2, you are throwing money out the window!)
Why conversion rate means nothing by itself, and what you should REALLY be focusing on. (Hint: Visitor value is only one of them)
How to set up your “marketing funnel” the right way to crank out more “A” level customers—the 20% that are responsible for 80% of your profits!
And much more…
Pretty amazing stuff, don’t you agree? And that’s just a “sneak peek” of everything you’re getting.

I’m also handing you my personal compendium of “Hot Buttons” to instantly (and ethically) transform browsers into buyers that buy NOW…buy MORE and continue buying way into the future.

Imagine having the secret “buy now” triggers that instantly puts incredible power into all of your ads and sales letters! The power to easily inspire, convince and persuade your customers to purchase any product or service you sell, at anytime, and as often as you want…no matter what business you’re in!

Now you too can learn the most powerful ‘secret hot buttons’ to influence more customers, grab more profits, and leave your competition in the dust as they continue to wonder how you did it! Secrets that show you…

How to create the “gotta have it” feeling in your customer’s mind.
How to tap into their “primal” buying emotions.
How to overcome any objections and easily melt away sales resistance.
How to instantly bond with the reader.
How to use sex appeal to generate a buying frenzy.
How to virtually ‘force’ them into buying without getting any resistance
How to influence your prospect mind to trust you and believe what you are saying.
How to push just the right ‘buttons’ to arouse their ‘inner buying signals!’
And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll discover here!

It doesn’t matter how good (or how bad) your sales material is right now…or whether you’re brand new to the business…or even if you’re a seasoned veteran, already pulling in huge profits…

These time-tested ‘hot buttons’ are the quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to increase your sales (and profits) without spending a single penny more on your advertising!

I can’t even begin to describe how powerfully these secrets can affect your life! And you can find it all here…

In addition, you’ll also discover:
How to boost your sales
How to irresistibly answer the #1 question… “What’s In It For Me”… by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture in the reader’s mind.
How to instantly increase your sales by putting into action the 5 key emotions people say they were motivated by when making a purchase.
How to use a combination of “The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century” to sell your product or service in a snap.
How to create the “itch” that needs to be scratched and then clearly provide the solution to the itch.
How to anticipate and overcome sales killing objections and fears that keep your prospects from buying from you.
How to tear down walls of suspicion, natural distrust and skepticism that your prospects have built (thanks to decades of over-the-top promises and out-and-out lies) and build up the necessary credibility to make that sale.
How to avoid the customer’s “B.S. Meter” when it comes to advertising claims or anything that is exaggerated, and immediately put their minds at ease.
How to establish authority to convince them that you’re the expert they should listen to!
How to make people react to you like Santa every time your offer appears, and have them enthusiastically imagine what fabulous ‘gifts’ you have in store for them!
‘104 Consumer Magnets’ that will drive consumers wild with desire and catapult them into action BUYING action..

A ridiculous pittance of $7 only.

Could I charge more? Of course — I can charge WAY more and perhaps in the near future I will.

But I’m doing this because  I want to “suck you in”. And the best way to do that is to make you a irresistible offer.

It’s my intention that once you get your hands on this package, you’ll see exactly how I treat my clients. And that will make you very interested in some of my other offers.

Think of this as a special “introductory offer”.

Like I said earlier, I’m really trying to “bribe” you into starting a business relationship with me so you will buy more of my copywriting stuff down the line.

Go ahead and download “7 Minutes To Riches” right now.

Use every tip, trick and strategy for the next 60 days to make as much money as your greedy little heart desires.

If you’re not absolutely convinced this is the best $7 investment you’ve ever made, you can always get a full no-hassles refund and and you can keep all the materials as my way of saying THANKS for trying it out. No weasel clauses.

In short: Use the course and begin seeing immediate results from this system, or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

Act Now And Get
7 Minute Moneymaking Emails Absolutely FREE!

As your take action now incentive, I’ll even throw in an exclusive bonus that is worth many times more than the actual course itself called 7 Minute Moneymaking Emails where I literally hand you my best Email marketing templates that get your email subject lines to stand out among the gazillion other emails your subscribers receive … and get your list members to open up and take action NOW!

Think about it.

How much is it worth to you to get more of your subscribers reading every solo mailing, newsletter issue, ecourse lesson, announcement, autoresponder sequence and any email message you send out?

How much extra money will it make you?

Imagine…being handed instant plug & play Email marketing templates like:

The “results driven” subject line.
The “fear factor” subject line.
The “survival” subject line.
The “easy” subject line.
The “mistake” subject line.
The “secret” subject line.
The “fastest” subject line.
The “inquisitive” subject line.
The “case study” subject line.
The “necessity” subject line.
The “advantage” subject line.
The “expert” subject line.
The “cancelled” subject line.
The “instructions” subject line.
The “insight” subject line.
The “subscriber focus” subject line.
The “discovery” subject line.
The “get it” subject line.
The “devastating” subject line.
The “myth” subject line.
Each of these 20 subject line templates that are included consist of three important elements for your success…

Fill-in-the-blanks template. You get the ready made template that you can simply plug in 1 or 2 words to custom-tailor it for your needs, and immediately fire it out to your list for instant results!

Explanation of use. You’ll also receive a brief overview of how to best use the template and ideas for increasing not only your email open rates but your profit as well!

Case study examples. There will also be 5-7 example subject lines created with the template to give you ideas for modelling your own. They are so simple and effective to use that anyone can begin using them immediately.

Plus, you also get tips to help you craft your own compelling subject lines and further enhance the provided templates for your own unique lists and subscribers.

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You will be downloading and using these shortcuts and incredible bonus
in less than 7 minutes!

It’s Time To Live Life On A Permanent Vacation!

Jo Han Mok
The Copywriting Tycoon Maker

P.S. This is a pure no-brainer for only $7. Each one of these shortcuts on their own could legitimately be offered for $7… and still be worth ten times more than the investment required to obtain them.

But when you put them together… the whole becomes more than the parts.

Let me reiterate: How much would it be worth to you to “amp up” your skills and crank out  cranking out an entire system of offers in no time flat!

Well now here’s your chance to find out when you click the “Add-To-Cart” button below…


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