Joe McCall – How To Flip All Those “Hard To Flip” Deals

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Joe McCall – How To Flip All Those “Hard To Flip” Deals

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On this special LIVE webinar, we are going to cover several awesome strategies on flipping “hard to flip” deals… These are strategies that are not in my course and I have never taught to my students before!  We will be covering actual real world examples in each of these scenarios. Plus, you will get all the paperwork you need for these deals.

What do you do with all those leads where the house needs too much work & you can’t wholesale it to an investor? (Learn how to Flip “Lease Option Junkers” to Tenant-Buyers who will do all the rehab work.)
What if the property is upside down? (Learn how to flip even these properties as lease options, no matter how upside down they are.)
What if the property is listed with a Realtor? (Learn how you can still work with a Realtor in a Lease Option deal – and even get them to bring you leads.)
What if the seller doesn’t want to sell their house, or do a lease purchase? (Learn how you can flip leases.)
What is the seller is too afraid to commit to a specific option price that the house will sell for in 2 years? (Learn how to protect the seller’s equity if the house might appreciate.)
Q&A Session – Joe will answer ALL your questions
PLUS – get access to a private all day Saturday workshop Joe recently completed on “How to Flip Lease Options Virtually” – all free whether you pay for the webinar or not.


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